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Jakarta, – This time, Indonesian fintech news reviews about attractive and profitable investments.

In this age of digitization, many investments are supported by technology. One of them is crowdfunding. crowdfunding It is one of the investment tools that is now beginning to develop and is in great demand by investors.

In fact, crowdfunding is one of the most popular financial services in the field of investment technology nowadays. In general, crowdfunding is a term in financial services that means a joint venture or crowdfunding scheme.

This type of investment has also started to increase the demand by investors in the country.

Indonesian FinTech News: What is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding comes from the word rally which means crowd and implies a large number of people, and Finance Which means fundraising.

In this way, this method is one of the fundraising techniques that many people do, after which the money will be used for commercial purposes.

In Indonesian, this is called crowdfunding. Citing the Large Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI), crowdfunding is the financing of a business, project, etc., which involves the community, usually through internet networks.

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In other words, this is a financing scheme for a business that is implemented by raising funds or by several investors who have an easy and inexpensive way of working. This can be counted as a profitable investment for those of you who want to invest easily today.

For information, this crowdsourcing method is also a form of crowdsourcing and alternative financing that is starting to re-emerge and is being used by many people to help entrepreneurs and SMEs starting their businesses.

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Crowdfunding schemes are divided into 4 types, including:

1. Donation Basis

As the name suggests, donors who deposit their capital receive no compensation from the proposed project. Crowdfunding, on a donation basis, is usually for non-profit projects such as building orphanages, schools, and other charities.

2. On the basis of reward

In this type, those who make their bids usually make offers in the form of gifts or other rewards in the form of goods, services or rights, not sharing the profits from the venture.

Usually this type of crowdfunding is for projects from the creative industry such as gamers, where the donors who fund the project will be given interesting features from the game.

3. On the basis of debt

In fact, this type of crowdfunding is similar to a regular loan. Prospective debtors will submit their proposals and donors or creditors will deposit the capital which is a loan with interest in return.

4. On the basis of equity

This concept is where the money deposited will become stock ownership or partial ownership of the company in exchange for dividends.

5. Crowdfunding Securities – Indonesian FinTech News

Securities crowdfunding is a financing scheme with a system of raising funds or it is usually called a joint venture. This system will bring together investors who want to invest to finance the business.

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In Indonesia, crowdfunding is gaining popularity and has huge potential to become a fundraising tool for investment. Its use is relatively easy and it has been based on the internet so that everyone can access it.


A crowdfunding system is a crowdfunding effort to develop a business or business and event activity. This can be done through shares, donations, bonuses and debt crowdfunding.

This crowdfunding is worth a try for startups or start-up companies because it has many advantages, such as wider reach, ability to attract potential investors, and having an easy application process.

We can also define the type or system of crowdfunding required, reduce competition with large startups, and gain momentum to build a strong client base.

However, the success of crowdfunding also stems from strong commercial credibility, as well as a unique, interesting and informative business proposal, so that investors are very interested in future business developments.

This is information on Indonesian fintech news reviewing crowdfunding investments. We hope it is useful.

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