Fantasy tower player offers to drop the legendary item from the blue chests

Recently, a video appeared in fantasy tower The community that originated from Reddit shows people that a player who opens a chest with a blue chip finds a drop in the legendary item. The video was found in Fantasy tower subreddit.

This post was uploaded by sh/0 kills. It showed that after using the perfect decryption keys, the user got some good rewards and among the rewards, one of them was Sabbatons Castle. It is one of the very rare points in the game.

Tower of Fantasy players didn’t expect to find Fortress Sabaton from a first-class chest

The Fortress Sabatons page in Tower of Fantasy stated that the item can be found after opening password chests after level 55. Therefore, many players did not expect that such rare and good items would fall from the blue chip chest. Sabaton Castle she is one from Rare SSR . Armor Also part of the castle in the fantasy tower. These shoes have a great level of HP, which is 5400 with 120 in attack.

fantasy tower castle sabatons chest blue chip
Image via Reddit

There are also different ways to get these boots out of opening chests, such as via the Level 5 Crew Shop, Crystal Dust Shop, and playing Frontier Clash after reaching Level 50, and also by playing Joint Operation: Deep Sea Test Ground. Fortress Sabatons has 4 random stats slots. I hope you liked our article and understood that there can be opportunities for a valuable item in any part of the game.

What are your thoughts on a fantasy tower player finding the Fortress Sabatons from a first-class chest? Let us know in the comments below!

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