EU strikes down Google’s appeal of €4 billion fine over Search dominance on Android

What you need to know

  • The EU issued a €4.34 billion fine in 2018 over Google’s dominance on Android.
  • Google attempted to appeal the fine, asserting that the court ignores Apple’s presence in the market.
  • The EU has upheld its ruling against Google, although with a smaller fine.

It seems EU regulators are not the biggest fan of Google, as the search giant’s appeal of a €4.34 billion fine issued in 2018 was dismissed. The fine was issued after it was ruled that Google holds unfair dominance on its Android operating system.

The judgment was made on Wednesday, maintaining that Google imposes anticompetitive restrictions on Android by requiring OEMs to install apps like Search and Chrome in order to gain access to the Play Store. It also finds that Google unfairly discourages OEMs from installing forked versions of Android.

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