Does Wi-Fi calling work on Mint Mobile?

Does Wi-Fi calling work on Mint Mobile?

Yes, Mint Mobile users can send and receive both calls and texts over Wi-Fi, so long as it’s supported by the device itself.

What is Wi-Fi calling on Mint Mobile?

Wi-Fi calling is a way to get around dead zones and poor coverage by allowing you to place calls over Wi-Fi, similar to calling someone with a VoIP (voice over Internet protocol) service like Skype. The difference, of course, is that Wi-Fi calling uses your actual phone number rather than a username as if you had a solid cellular connection.

Wi-Fi calling can also be used for text messaging, with both SMS and MMS messages coming in through your internet connection. In some cases, you can even use Wi-Fi calling to make calls overseas (typically to, rather than from the U.S.) without accruing huge international calling charges on your bill.

Will Wi-Fi calling work on my phone?

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