Dewaweb launches platform as a service, Dewacloud

Sewindu Dewaweb has become the first cloud hosting provider in Indonesia to achieve ISO 27001 certification as a standard for customer data security. Celebrating its eighth birthday, this country’s leading cloud hosting provider has launched Dewacloud.

Dewacloud is a cloud platform that can help deploy modern applications more easily and cost effectively. This is a website and application publishing service, aka Platform as a Service (PaaS) which has been in development since November 2021.

Unlike cloud hosting or servers, PaaS gives users more control over managing their apps and websites. Dewacloud is designed in such a way that it can
Support the needs of high-performance applications to continue operating effectively and efficiently.

During the Dewaweb 8th Anniversary Celebration in Jakarta under the theme of “Eightcellent Years”, the Dewacloud team also conducted a live demo of the application running on Dewacloud, which can serve 10,000 visitors per second in a consistent, low latency and cost-effective manner.

“This event is being held as a form of gratitude and appreciation for the support of all Dewaweb clients and partners so far. “We hope that we can continue to grow together and contribute to the advancement of Indonesia’s digital economy,” said Eddy Bodeman, CEO of PT Dewaweb.

Lack of knowledge to run an online business and an immature digital readiness are major hurdles that entrepreneurs often encounter. This is where Dewaweb positions itself, which is to help Indonesians achieve success online through their services.

Dewaweb was launched on September 9, 2014 and became the first cloud hosting provider in Indonesia to obtain ISO 27001 certification in 2017. Although it hasn’t even been a decade since, Dewaweb now has three services in an ecosystem.

The number one service integrated into this ecosystem is Dewaweb with cloud hosting services, cloud servers (VPS), domains, and SSL certificates. Over time, the need to improve cybersecurity has become a focus at Dewaweb.

So, on August 23, 2022, Dewaweb launched Dewaguard. This is a Cyber ​​Security Operations Center (CSOC) service that is available 24 hours a day to monitor and maintain the security of Dewaweb’s cloud infrastructure and clients.

The third service is Dewacloud, which was officially launched on Dewaweb’s eighth anniversary. In addition to providing services to support businesses in terms of websites and cyber security, Dewaweb is also involved in educating the Indonesian people through the Dewatalks webinar.

This webinar, accessible through, aims to develop the competence of the Indonesian people in the areas of digital marketing, SEO, web development, online business, and UI/UX design. Indonesians can participate in this free webinar regularly every week.

Interestingly, this free webinar is delivered live by practitioners who are experts in their fields, according to the hashtag
Uploaded, it’s #LearnFromTheExperts. In order to improve the quality of Dewaweb’s services to customers, there is also a Ninja support team available 24 hours a day.

Although it does not use bots at all to answer customer questions, this service is free. If you are interested in learning more, Dewaweb and its ecosystem can be found on their respective websites, namely, and

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