Destiny Girl is celebrating its half year anniversary with themed events and amazing rewards

Destiny girlfantasy girl unemployed RPG The mobile game, celebrating its half-year anniversary. Players can now log in every day to receive up to 210 drawings from September 16 to October 7, 2022. By participating in the Mid-Anniversary Celebration, they can win many great prizes. The most amazing experience and the perfect gift.

Participate in the half-year celebrations to win amazing prizes

There are two events themed about this anniversary in addition to registering to receive enlistment tickets: bunny girl puzzle And the sniper. By completing daily chores, players can earn semi-annual coins. You can get 20 light and dark recruitment tickets by solving the Bunny Girl puzzle.

Meanwhile, captains can choose a prize as the first prize on each floor by activating [Sharpshooter] events. To receive the prize, use half of the Fire Anniversary Coins once. You can move to the next floor after winning the first prize.

A new adventure level and recruitment fulfillment mission is available as part of the bi-annual training event. You can get a huge amount of recruiting tickets and training material rewards if you succeed in reaching the goal! In addition, guild boss rewards, super arena, lost garden, and bounty quests will be increased, and a new lucky cat event will follow.

Destiny's Girl Jack Fruit and Misaki
Image via Next2Play Games

Jackfruit and Misaki, two popular broadcasters in Thailand, used to support a battle broadcast full of surprises and perks, including plenty of recruitment tickets. Immediately install the game and enter the name of the gift code shown in the image above. You may be eligible for 10 free drawings.

Are you excited to celebrate the Destiny Girl’s half-year anniversary? Let us know in the comments below!

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