CSR Racing 2 introduces Pagani Utopia, a new high-performance supercar from Pagani Automobili

eagerly awaited Pagani UtopiaA new high-performance supercar from Pagani Automobilifor the first time in CSR Racing 2 (CSR2)Ultra-realistic animated clouds a race games, according to Zynga A wholly owned publishing label of Take-Two Interactive. interactive A global leader in interactive entertainment.

Experience the highly anticipated V12 performance model in CSR Racing 2

Pagani is an Italian operator of bespoke supercars based in Italy Auto Valley It is famous for its super expensive cars. Its cars are highly regarded, and each new supercar model attracts much speculation and intrigue, including Huayra Roadster PCwhich debuted in CSR Racing 2 in 2019.

Pagani Utopia, which will replace Huayra, is important because it is Horacio Paganithe owner of Pagani, who also created the Huayra and Zonda, two of the company’s most popular models. 99 pagan utopia The company is expected to manufacture the models; All of them have already been purchased by fans and collectors and will begin delivery in 2023, giving CSR2 players a unique in-game driving experience.

We chose to partner again with CSR2 to reveal the Pagani Utopia because the game shows astonishing attention to design and detail just as Pagani does in both of our vehicles.. The fact that a supercar like the Pagani Utopia has been revealed to the world in a mobile game is a true testament to the strength of the CSR2 gaming community, and we look forward to bringing this amazing vehicle to mobile fans around the world.

Michael Staskin, CEO of Pagani Automobili America

Players will have an exceptional opportunity to race Pagani Utopia in CSR2 from From September 16 to September 23, 2022. This vehicle has been painstakingly remanufactured to perfectly match the original handcrafted vehicle for Pagani customers. Participation in the first three races is free, and players can test drive the car in the showroom.

By winning in-game items to upgrade their car and add it to their collection, they can then purchase the car to finish the event. The competition will consist of 40 races on Route 66where participants can compete against other supercars to win in-game incentives.

Are you excited about the new Pagani Utopia Hyper Car In CSR Racing 2? Let us know in the comments below!

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