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Jakarta, – BCA’s next complete 24 hour call center is definitely important for loyal customers to find out BCA . Bank.

For information, regarding the trust that has been given since 1957, the Bank of Central Asia or the Bank of Central Asia always shows increasing development. In fact, BCA is now one of the largest banks in Indonesia.

With the motto “Always by your side”, BCA is also committed to providing services with ease and convenience to its clients. A number of banking solutions offered by this bank have proven to be very beneficial to the society in meeting various financial needs.

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In this case, there are different types of BCA products and services that can be used, ranging from savings products, credit cards, various credit facilities, transaction banking services to other financial services.

Not only that, BCA also offers customer service to help its customers who have issues, problems or just want to ask questions.

On the other hand, BCA is known to be one of the largest banks in Indonesia, with a large number of clients and great loyalty. So, in case of any issues, customers can contact BCA via its call center which is spread across different platforms. Here is the full review.

BCA 24 hour call center number (BCA Customer Service)

In order to facilitate receiving complaints from customers, BCA Bank has provided a call center number or BCA customer service number on 1500888.

This number can be called 24 hours non-stop without paying a single penny. To call the CS BCA number, simply add the code 6221 + 1500888.

BCA Customer Service Email – BCA 24 Hour Call Center

In addition to phone numbers, Bank BCA also provides an email customer service that operates 24 hours a day.

BCA Customer Service emails are: [email protected] You can contact the BCA using this email.

BCA Customer Service will subsequently provide responses regarding problems encountered by customers. Normally, the response from this BCA customer service email does not exceed 3 x 24 hours or could be faster.

BCA 24 hour call center

BCA Customer Service on Twitter

Twitter is one of the popular social media and is one of the most widely used platforms in Indonesia and the world.

The BCA also opened a Twitter customer service account, a HaloBCA account. If you encounter any issues or problems, you can mention the BCA Twitter account by explaining in detail what happened.

Subsequently, BCA Customer Service on Twitter will respond or respond to your complaint.

BCA WhatsApp Customer Service

The latest feature of Bank BCA is the customer service on WhatsApp with the number 0811500998. However, you should be careful because only this number is correct.

Usually the name of this WhatsApp number is Bank BCA and there is a blue tick as proof of authenticity. In addition, you also need to check the details correctly so that nothing dangerous happens later.

BCA itself will not ask for anything confidential, such as your ATM PIN, Phone Banking or Internet Banking password.

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BCA Online Customer Service (website)

BCA also provides complaints or customer service services on its official website, namely: However, you still have to be careful with other websites that operate under the name of BCA.

It is also necessary to pay attention to the website domain details so that your data does not leak. You just need to click on the Halo BCA chat icon at the bottom right of the BCA website.

Later, there will be a BCA Customer Service who will welcome you and provide answers regarding the issues you are facing.

Help is provided by BCA’s 24-hour call center

Customers will receive detailed information on various products offered by BCA as follows:

  • Information about BCA savings products, namely, Stages, Stages Gold, Stages Xpresi, Stages Berjangka, Tapres and many other savings products
  • Information about credit card products, from complete credit card information, from BCA Card and BCA MasterCard to BCA VISA
  • Information on loan products, such as interest, term, and down payment (DP) for loan products that BCA offers, namely home equity loans (KPR), car loans (KKB), and unsecured loans (KTA)
  • Information about BCA Syariah, starting with iB stage, iB plan stage, iB current account, iB Deposit, iB KPR, iB KKB, iB gold

Not only that, Halo BCA will also help customers who are in an emergency situation, such as losing their BCA credit or debit card. In this case, Halo BCA will ban the relevant account/account immediately to prevent unwanted things from happening.

In addition, Halo BCA also receives complaints regarding customer issues related to transactions on ATM, KlikBCA, m BCA, Debit BCA, Tunai BCA and several credit cards, including BCA Card, MasterCard, VISA and JCB Card.

There are a lot of reviews about BCA 24 hour call center that you need to know, especially as a loyal customer of this bank. Good luck and God bless you!

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