COAL Gives Big Money, Peek at Today’s Top Gainers

Jakarta, – Today’s top gainer has been named by PT Black Diamond Resources Tbk (COAL).

The Composite Stock Price Index (JCI) ended lower at the close of the first trading session on Wednesday (14/9/2022), following the US stock market closed lower after the release of inflation data for the August 2022 period. Which was more “hot” than expected.

The value of the index’s trading in the first trading session today amounted to 12.45 trillion rupees, including 19 billion shares.

The majority of stocks fell this afternoon by 322 units, while another 212 units rose, and the remaining 152 units remained flat.

In the midst of JCI’s weak afternoon, there were 5 stocks that emerged strong among the top gainers and 5 stocks that sold big and became the biggest losers. CNBC Indonesia.

Today's Biggest Stock Gainer

Today’s Biggest Stock Gainer

The following is the list of the highest gainers in the first trading session at noon today, Wednesday (14/9/2020 AD), including:

  1. PT Black Diamond Resources Tbk (COAL), up +24.21%, to Rs 472/unit
  2. PT Optima Prima Metal Sinergi Tbk (OPMS), up +15.44%, to Rs 172/unit
  3. PT Gunawan Dianjaya Steel Tbk (GDST), up +13.35%, to 194 Rp/unit
  4. PT Agung Menjangan Mas Tbk (AMMS), up +9.57%, to Rs 252/unit
  5. PT OBM Drilchem ​​Tbk (OBMD), up +9.8%, to Rs 318/unit

Shares of new coal exporters also, specifically Black Diamond Resources Tbk (COAL), were the top gainers in the first trading session this afternoon with a transaction value of Rs.133.89 billion with a turnover of 285.96 million units of shares traded.

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In today’s intraday trading, COAL’s share price has moved in the range of Rs 420-474/unit. As of the end of the afternoon, COAL shares had a market capitalization of Rs 285.96 billion.

Since it first traded on Wednesday (7/9/2022) last week, COAL shares have always closed touching the automatic upper limit (ARA). In doing so, COAL shares are up 249.63% in the past week.

Based on information from IDX, COAL shares are listed on the IDX Development Board. COAL will become the 44th listed company to be listed on IDX in 2022.

COAL is involved in the energy sector with the oil, gas and coal sub-sectors. The coal industry is a sub-industry of coal production.

The coal produced by the company is of high quality coal, the GAR 5500 which has a very broad share, both in export and domestically, said Donny Janson Manwa, President of COAL.

“The company was incorporated on March 27, 2017. With this IPO, it is hoped that the company will grow even further and become one of the best mining companies in its class,” he said during the virtual listing of COAL shares on IDX. Last Wednesday (9/7/2020).

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The Company offers the shares to the public through an Initial Public Offering (IPO) plan consisting of 1,250,000,000 shares on behalf of or 20% of the issued and fully paid up share capital after the public offering.

With the IPO price, the company got proceeds from the public offering of Rs 125 crore.

The proceeds of the initial public offering will be fully utilized by the Company after deducting the issuance costs, and approximately Rs.40 billion will be distributed to the subsidiary, PT Dayak Bangun Pratama (“DMP”) which will be used for DMP capital expenditure purposes. While the rest will be distributed to DMP and used for working capital by DMP.

Today’s Biggest Loser

In addition to some stocks being the biggest gainers, there are many losers, here are the top 5 losing stocks in the first session on Wednesday afternoon (14/9/2022), including:

  1. PT Agung Podomoro Land Tbk (APLN), down -6.29%, to Rs 134/unit
  2. PT Bank Jago Tbk (ARTO), down -4.66%, to Rs 7,675/unit
  3. PT Sentul City Tbk (BKSL), down -4.62%, to Rs 62/unit
  4. PT MNC Kapital Indonesia Tbk (BCAP), down -4.11%, to Rs 140/unit
  5. PT Bumi Resources Tbk (BUMI), down -3.92%, to Rs 196/unit

Shares owned by Agung Podomoro Land Tbk (APLN) were listed among the top losers in the first afternoon trading session with a transaction value of Rs.28.66 billion with a trading volume of 208.8 million shares.

In today’s trading, APLN share price moved in the range of 133-144 rupees/unit. As of the afternoon, the market capitalization of APLN shares was 3.04 trillion rupees.

If you look at the trading data, since trading from Sept 5th to Tuesday (13/9/2022), APLN shares have been seen in green twice, red twice and stagnating 3 times. In doing so, the APLN increased 13.56% in the last week and 12.61% in the last month.

It is not yet known if there will be a significant drop in APLN shares. If you look at its financial statements in the first semester of 2022, APLN recorded a decline of 5.92 percent in net loss in the first semester of 2022 to 383.4 billion rupees from a loss of 407.56 billion rupees in the same period last year.

The decline was inseparable from the sales takeover and operating income of 2.20 trillion rupees in the 1-2022 semester. This value increased by 41.75% over the same period last year at 1.55 trillion rupees.

This is information on today’s top gainers. It might be useful.

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