Cheaper prices, Vivo V25e will be released soon in Indonesia

A few days later, Vivo V25 and Vivo V25 Pro were launched in the country, and now the latest version, Vivo V25e, has been confirmed to be released soon.

Two Vivo V25 series smartphones have been launched in the Indonesian market with a starting price of 5,999,000 rupees. The newer version to come is believed to offer a more affordable price.

Previously, the V25e had already been launched to the neighboring country, Malaysia. With specifications and features not much different from the regular model, the Chinese smartphone is equipped with a price tag of 1399 ringgit.

The price is equivalent to 4.5 million rupees. This way, the prices in Indonesia will likely not be much different, or even the same.

The HP Vivo V25e is sure to come soon in the country, because it was noticed on the Postel and TKDN certification sites of the Ministry of Industry.

Vivo V25e Postel Certificate
Postel Vivo V25e Certificate. (SS)

On the Ministry of Industry’s TKDN website, the V25e written with model number Vivo V2201 was registered with certificate numbered 3102/SJ-IND.8/TKDN/7/2022.

It is reported that the upcoming phone supports 4G LTE network and has a TKDN value of 36.08%.

By fulfilling the TKDN and Postel certificates, it means that the device has obtained a distribution permit in the Indonesian market. However, so far Vivo Indonesia has not given any confirmation.

In terms of specifications, the Vivo V25e will likely slip with the same specifications as the Malaysian version. The device prefers a rear chassis design that can change its color like its predecessor, the Vivo V23 series.

This smartphone, which has a name that ends with ā€œeā€, also comes with a 64MP HD main camera with OIS.

The performance of the device is supported by the MediaTek Helio G99 chip that is backed by a 4500mAh battery. For charging the battery has features: fast charging 44 watts.

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Curious about the official Vivo V25e specifications and prices for the Indonesian market? keep watching Updates The following information!

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