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Jakarta, – Mandiri call center in this review is of course very important for loyal customers to know Mandiri Bank.

In order to facilitate the provision of banking services to customers, every bank must have a call center or an information service center. Now, for PT Bank Mandiri (Persero) Tbk (Mandiri Bank) itself, customers can call the Bank Mandiri call center, Mandiri Call 14000.

The Mandiri Call service can be accessed by customers, either via landlines or cellular phones anywhere in Indonesia, without the need to enter the area code.

In addition, customers can also freely call the Mandiri Call number at any time for 24 hours. Through this service, customers will be linked to customer service to submit complaints or inquire about Mandiri Bank services and products.

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These services and products range from credit cards and savings products to financial services, such as paying electricity bills for phones. However, Mandiri Call is not free, because customers will be charged according to the phone provider used.

About Mandiri Bank – Mandiri Call Center

For information, PT Bank Mandiri (Persero) Tbk. It is a bank with the largest assets in Indonesia and has been listed as a public company on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) with the stock symbol BMRI.

Bank Mandiri was established on October 2, 1998 as part of the Banking Restructuring Program implemented by the Government of Indonesia. At that time, there was an economic crisis which led to the merging of four state-owned banks, namely Bumi Daya Bank (BBD), Bank Dagang Negara (BDN), Indonesian Export Import Bank (Exim Bank), and Indonesian Development Bank (Babindu) into one bank, Then it was called Mandiri Bank.

Mandiri Bank is also on the way to further develop its banking products, ranging from savings and loan products to digital banking. This state-owned bank has also succeeded in recording significant developments in providing services to the Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) and retail sectors.

The good performance and continuous growth has made Mandiri Bank one of the leading banks in the country to date.

24 hour independent call center registration

Meanwhile, Mandiri Bank has made it easier for its customers by opening a 24 hour service. In order to maintain the convenience of the customers, Mandiri Bank’s 24 hour service is backed by a system that can be accessed anytime and anywhere the customer is.

These services include Mandiri ATM, Mandiri SMS, Mandiri Call, Mandiri Mobile, Mandiri Internet, Mandiri Internet Bisnis, etc. These services make it easier for you as a client of Mandiri Bank to conduct various types of banking transactions or simply to get information about all the services offered by this bank.

Well, one of the services of Mandiri Bank that can be easily reached over the phone is the Mandiri Call Center service. Through Mandiri Call, you can speak directly to customer service to make complaints or want to order Bank Mandiri products, ranging from credit cards to making financial transactions, such as paying electricity and phone bills, airline tickets and insurance payments.

Details here.

standalone call center

1. Call Center Service: Mandiri Call – 14000

Here are the provisions regarding Mandiri Call:

  • Mandiri Call can be reached via the number 14000 for those in the territory of Indonesia.
  • For those overseas, Mandiri Call can be reached at (+6221) 5299-7777.
  • The tariff charged, whether by telephone or mobile phone, when calling Mandiri Call depends on the provider you are using.

However, this service is neither free nor free. Here are the price ranges:

  • Telkomsel Kartu Halo (1,200 rupees per minute)
  • Telkomsel Simpati (1800 rupees per minute)
  • XL (1860 rupees per minute)
  • Indosat (1700 rupees per minute)

However, you do not need to worry because in addition to this service, Bank Mandiri also has other customer service media that you can contact, i.e. via email, WhatsApp as well as social media.

2. WhatsApp Al Mandiri Bank

For those who want to contact Mandiri Call Center for free, you can access the official WhatsApp Bank Mandiri account. Quoting from the official website of Mandiri Bank, customers can contact the official WhatsApp of Mandiri Bank at +6281184 14000.

However, customers also need to ensure that the WhatsApp account they are connecting to is the official WhatsApp account of Mandiri Bank. Below are the characteristics of the official Mandiri Bank Call Center via WhatsApp:

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  • The official WhatsApp account number for Mandiri Bank is +62 81-184-14000.
  • The official WhatsApp account name is Bank Mandiri and there is a green tick logo next to it.
  • In the chat view, there is a message box that reads “This chat is with an official Mandiri Bank business account. Click for more information” or “This chat is with an official Mandiri Bank business account. Click for more information.”
  • If you have saved the official Bank Mandiri number manually, you will see the name of Bank Mandiri with a green tick below the previously saved name.
  • You will see the information that says Official Trading Account or Official Trading Account when you open your full profile.
  • There is the main office address of Mandiri Bank.
  • There is a description of the e-mail and the official website of Mandiri Bank.

3. Other customer service from Mandiri

In addition to Mandiri Call and WhatsApp, Bank Mandiri also provides other customer service options for customers. This is a list of Bank Mandiri call centers other than Mandiri Call and Mandiri Bank official WhatsApp:

  • E-mail [email protected].
  • Al Mandiri Bank website (contact us list).
  • Official letter to the management of Mandiri Bank.
  • Mandiricare Bank’s official social media (Twitter).
  • Send a message to the Mandiri Care Telegram 0811-8414-000.
  • Facebook Mandiri Care (blue tick)
  • Bank Mandiri Head Office Address: Bank Mandiri Head Office Jl. General Gatot Subroto Kav. 36-38 Jakarta 12190 Indonesia.
  • Mandiri Bank SWIFT Code Information: BMRIIDJA.

Types of services that can be inquired through Mandiri Call

With the Mandiri Call service, you can ask questions about Mandiri credit and debit card complaints and product information. Usually, customers will contact Mandiri Call when there are issues with the following:

  • Debit Card: Lost Debit Card, Banned Mandiri Debit Card, Mandiri Debit Card Swallowed in ATM Forgot ATM PIN.
  • Credit Cards: Mandiri Credit Card Missing, Offer Limit Due to Temporary Limit Increase Effect, Mobile/Phone Number Change Request, Failed Installment Request via SMS

Lots of reviews about Mandiri Call Center that you need to know. Good luck using this service!

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