Build Brody Sick 2022 in Mobile Legends: This is a series of items that you need in order not to become a burden on the team

For those of you who want your Brody hero to take full damage, you have to use the appropriate build item.

Mobile Legends Hero Brody. (Youtube/Mobile Legends Bang Bang) – Mobile Legends fans have been eagerly awaiting the satisfying Brody build 2022. Brody is one of the sickest Marksman heroes of 2022. Brody can be used to fill 3 lanes at once, whether it’s Hyper, Gold Lane, or EXP Lane.

For those of you who want your Brody hero to take full damage, you have to use the appropriate building item, to go crazy in the Land of Dawn.

Building items are important for every hero in Mobile Legends, diseased builds can increase ability, defense and attack, so that they have more power.

So, for you Brody Mobile Legends hero users, you really need to know the worst build of this hero.

Here’s what Brody’s sick team builds up for 2022 summarize for you.

Brody Mobile Legends Hero Illustration.  (Youtube/Mobile Legends Bang Bang)
Brody Mobile Legends Hero Illustration. (Youtube/Mobile Legends Bang Bang)

1. Warrior shoes


+40 movement speed
+22 physical defense

You can buy this item if your opponent has a hero with inflicted physical damage. These boots will really help you, especially in the early game because they can reduce the physical damage caused by the opponent’s hero.
What distinguishes these boots is that when you constantly receive your opponent’s basic attack, the given defense will be greater.

2. Hunter Strike


+80 physical attack
+ 10% reduce waiting time
+15 physical penetration

Dealing damage to enemies 5 times in a row increases movement speed by 50% and reduces it over time within 3 seconds. This capacity can be used or cooled every 8 seconds.

3. Mischievous roar


+60 physical attacks
+ 35% material pen

The higher the level of the opponent’s physical defense, the higher the level of physical penetration produced by this item. The physical penetration rate is only limited to 20% but is quite enough to penetrate the opponent’s shield and shield tower.

4. brute force armor


+770 HP
+45 physical defense

When using a basic skill or attack, your movement speed will increase by 2% for 4 seconds. In addition, physical and magic defense are also increased by 4 which can be stacked up to 5 times.

5. Athena’s shield


+900 HP
+62 magic defense
+2 HP

This item has a unique passive property that can be activated immediately after receiving magical damage for the first time. Reduces magic damage taken by 25% for 5 seconds. This effect is slowed down within 10 seconds.

6. Blade of despair


+160 physical attacks
+ 5% moving speed

The thinner the opponent’s blood, the more painful the damage from this item. When the hero attacks an opponent with less than 50% blood, the hero’s physical attack will increase to 25% in 2 seconds. This effect will only take effect before you damage the opponent.

This is the hardest Brody 2022 build that you can try. I wish you a nice play.

Contributor: Pasha Ija Wilkins

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