Build Aldous Sick 2022, Hero Mobile Legends recommended by professional gamers

Curious why? Here is the Aldous 2022 design that the team has summarized for you.

Mobile Legends Hero – stomping. (fandom) – Build Aldous sick 2022 has been eagerly awaited by Mobile Legends fans. Of course, these Hero Mobile Legends users want to know how to build the sickest Aldous they can use.

Aldous is a fighting hero with the ability to deal damage with extraordinary defense. In addition, the hero of Mobile Legends is also difficult to master.

Aldous is a unique fighting hero who is able to destroy enemies with full health in one hit thanks to his improved basic attack.

This makes Aldus a nightmare for champions with poor stamina or defense. In the Mobile Legends guide this time around, you’ll see 2022’s sickest Aldous build item.

Curious why? Here is the Aldous 2022 design that the team has summarized for you.

Mobile Legends Hero - stomping.  (fandom)
Mobile Legends Hero – stomping. (fandom)

Building Aldous Sick 2022

1. Tough shoes
+40 movement speed
+22 magic defense

This item is very mandatory to purchase if the opponent has many heroes with magical damage output. These powerful boots will reduce the amount of damage heroes do with basic magic damage.

This ability can also reduce the duration of an opponent’s Crowd Control effect. Not lukewarm, the duration is up to 30% of the total.

2. Thunder belt
+800 HP
+6 Mana Regen
+ 10% reduce waiting time
+40 physical defense

Within 3 seconds, after the skill is used, the next attack will deal 50 + 5% real damage to the target’s total health.

This attack will ignore all absorption and care of the opponent. After that, it will slow the target by 80% for 1 second.

3. brute force armor
+770 HP
+45 physical defense

When using a basic skill or attack, your movement speed will increase by 2% for 4 seconds. In addition, physical and magic defense are also increased by 4 which can be stacked up to 5 times.

Mobile Legends Hero - stomping.  (fandom)
Mobile Legends Hero – stomping. (fandom)

4. Ice Domination
+500 mana
+70 physical defense
+ 5% moving speed
+10 Cooldown time reduced

This item is a versatile item that should be used by tank players, fighters or support. This item is often used to ward off heroes who have legendary, absorbing, or healing effects.

With this item, all the above effects will be reduced by 50% and get a boost to reduce the opponent’s attack speed by 30%.

5. The mischievous roar
+60 physical attacks
+ 35% material pen

The higher the level of the opponent’s physical defense, the higher the level of physical penetration produced by this item. The physical penetration rate is only limited to 20% but is quite enough to penetrate the opponent’s shield and shield tower.

6. Oracle
+850 HP
+42 magic defense
+ 10% reduce waiting time

This item is very suitable for use by support heroes, tanks or fighters because it provides a unique single item in the form of additional absorption and a rather significant regeneration effect. This ability to absorb can continue to build up and increase HP regeneration by 30%.

Aldous is one of the sickest Tank Fighter champions of 2022. Aldous can be used to fill 3 lanes at once, whether it’s Hyper, Gold Lane or XP Lane.

This is the Aldous 2022 design that you can try. One of the heroes of Mobile Legends who is often a mainstay.

Contributor: Pasha Ija Wilkins

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