Black Friday Apple deals live: Record low prices on Airpods, iPads, and more


Apple MacBook Air M1 on a light orange background

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Ultrabook is an absolute bargain if you’re on a budget

Here we go guys, an Apple Friday deal that offers an almost unbeatable bang for the buck for the competition — something you don’t see every day. We’ve long been fans of the older MacBook Air M1 here at TechRadar and it’s now at its lowest price on Amazon US.

Why do we recommend this older model? Well first, while it may not have the latest design or internal chip, the Apple MacBook Air M1 is still good into 2022 for the vast majority of users. It’s lightweight, decently powerful, has excellent battery life, and is much easier on the pocket than the M2 version.

For context, the M2 Edition is currently priced at $1,049 on Amazon US for Black Friday. This is also a standard deal, but it’s $350 more than the aforementioned list on the older model. Overall, we like to say that the slate on the older model is the better Black Friday MacBook deal of the two for most users. in the UK? Here is the cheapest list we found today.

On the surface, this Amazon UK site doesn’t look quite as good as the equivalent listing in the US but don’t be put off – it’s still the lowest price yet in this region. If you are interested in golden color, you will find this color For £819 today On Amazon, at a lower price compared to the more popular silver version.

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