Bjorka’s work is in the spotlight, a forum breach has taken place: Here’s a glimpse into the history.

This is the history of the forum that Bourka used to leak government data.

pirate illustration. (Pixels / Sora Shimazaki) – The case of data leakage caused by cyber-attacks from hackers called Bjorka has caught the public’s attention recently.

Besides, as he researched the data, a forum called Breach was also popular.

I mentioned from Suara.comHere is an overview of the forum’s founding date.

Date of creation of the breach forum

Users of the Breach Forum website believe that the site was created by hackers using the alias Pompompurin.

At that time he was active on another forum called Forum Raid. The Forum is a pioneer of the Breach Forum.

pirate illustration.  (pexels / Saksham Choudhary)
pirate illustration. (pexels / Saksham Choudhary)

There is an equally telling story about the site. This is because the website is used to attack other internet users.

Unexpectedly, the site was permanently closed. It is believed that Pompurin created the forum site as an alternative after closing the Raid forum site.

From the place of discussion to the sale of data

Although Bjorka sells sensitive information through it, it turns out that the site also has a positive side that does not violate the law.

There are many topics devoted to illegal topics, such as how to run software, assemble personal computers, and share software knowledge.

However, the site also has an illegal aspect, just as Bjorka takes advantage of it. This site has a channel called Marketplace, which translates to “Pasar” in Indonesian.

This channel is a place for hackers to sell sensitive data at unbelievable prices. Like the secret data of the Indonesian government that Bjorka downloaded and sold for millions of dollars. Ilham

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