BIBPlus from UOB can be used to pay for Tokopedia, here’s how

Jakarta, – Surely many do not know that BIBPlus UOB It is a service from PT Bank UOB Indonesia that can be used for Tokopedia shopping payments, you know.

Of course, shopping will be easier and more practical using this service. BIBplus UOB is an online banking hack from PT Bank UOB Indonesia.

BIBPlus UOB was created to meet the growing business needs of clients. This bank claims to have used the best systems and technology to provide advanced and comprehensive solutions that will help customers manage their cash needs and business transactions more efficiently.

UOB BIBPlus provides better control functions and ease of monitoring of cash management and trade finance transactions to its clients.

After that, this service can be used for payments in the popular Tokopedia marketplace. The trick is with a UOB Virtual account. Read the explanation.


How to pay Tokopedia with a virtual BIBPlus UOB account

Tokopedia payments can be made using a virtual UOB account through two payment methods, namely mobile banking and online banking. This is the guide:

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1. Mobile Banking

With mobile banking, here are the steps:

  • Mobile banking
  • Online Banking
  • Login to TMRW UOB Indonesia
  • Select Pay or Transfer.
  • Select the source account.
  • Select Billers.
  • Select the Ecommerce > Tokopedia category or search for “Tokopedia” in the search field.
  • Enter the payment number.
  • Follow the instructions below to complete the filling.

2. Online Banking

With online banking, here are the steps:

  • Log in to Personal Internet Banking (PIB).
  • Select Payments and Transfers.
  • Select Bill Payment.
  • Select One-Time Transfer / Express Payment.
  • Select Tokopedia in the list of merchants and enter the customer number.
  • Click “Process” to proceed with the transaction.
  • Select the funding source.
  • Follow the instructions below to complete the bill payment.

This is UOB’s BIBPlus usage that can be used for payments on Tokopedia.

Quick overview of BIBPlus from University of Bahrain

UOB BIBPlus is designed for convenience in online cash management and trade finance. Efficiency-increasing features have been added to make your smart solution easy.

With these cash management features, you will get real-time account boom information and control over your money.

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Just by logging in to BIBPlus UOB, you can make payments and other transactions at the same time comfortably and securely. BIBPlus can also help in exchanging data in an organized manner with your accounting system to facilitate transactions as well as settlement.


Below are the features of BIBPlus UOB as quoted from the official website,

1. Account service

The account server was created to make it easier to manage your account.

  • Comprehensive access to monitor all your operating accounts, deposit accounts and loans managed by the University of Bahrain
  • Receive notifications that can monitor all transactions with the feature of adjusting email and calendar settings

2. Money Transfer

The Money Transfer module supports a wide range of payment types related to local money transfers (RTGS, LLG, Online Transfer), Telegraphic Transfer (TT), and Mass Pay/Payroll transactions.

Other important features:

  • Assign access to payroll only to authorized parties
  • Provides permission for each payment to speed up the approval process
  • Perform scheduled and periodic transactions
  • Set recipient data pre-approval

3. Advantage of UOB BIBplus Trade Finance

Trade Finance module has been created to simplify the process and control of Import Letter of Credit and Documentary Collection Transactions, Standby Letter of Credit, Shipment Guarantee, Bank Guarantee, Trade Finance Requisitions and Trade Invoice Summary (Trade Invoice Summary).

Other important features:

  • It is easy to find different pieces of data in the electronic forms of a commerce application
  • Makes it easy to keep track of transaction history and status related to specific transactions
  • Access to all business transaction information manually (via the counter) or through BIBPlus
  • Improve your workflow through other features.

How to register for BIBPlus UOB

To use this service from UOB Bank Indonesia, you can first register. The method is:

  • You can visit any branch of UOB Indonesia to get it
  • Required application form or download and print the registration form
  • BIBPlus from the University of Bahrain website
  • • Submit the completed registration form along with the required documents
  • Required (if applicable) to Relationship Manager/Transaction Banking Sales/Your Domicile Branch.
  • When your registration to BIBPlus is approved, your chosen user will do so
  • Receive user ID and code by mail.
  • A password letter will be sent by separate mail.
  • If you are an affiliate register to link your account
  • With the group identifier of the parent company in order to obtain information as well as operation
  • Transaction, you need to submit a UOB BIBPlus Service Registration Form (for
  • Affiliate), along with providing the signature of the power of attorney from
  • The authorized representative of the parent company.

This is a review about BIBPlus UOB that can be used for payment in the Tokopedia marketplace, to understand it, its features and how to register for this service from Bank UOB Indonesia. It might be useful.

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