Beware of illegal loan traps via links, see tips from OJK

Jakarta, – The public should beware of illegal loan traps via links because the number of victims is still on the rise.

Pinjol, also known as illegal online loans, not infrequently makes victims have hundreds of millions in debt because of the very large interest.

It should also be noted that these illegal loan traps often involve people who do not understand links sent via SMS.

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Usually a link is sent with the message that they will quickly and for a very profitable amount provide a loan. This is indeed an advantage of having financial technology that makes it easier to get loans online.

However, you need to be wise and careful in choosing an online loan. Check out our full review below for tips from Financial Services Authority (OJK).

Types of illegal loan traps via links

Here are the types of traps often practiced by illegal online loans:

  • Very high fees can be up to 40% of the loan amount which is directly deducted.
  • Interest rates and fines are very high, and can reach 1-4% per day. Usually, it is not clearly stated in the agreement.
  • Very short time frame. Usually, two months were promised, but after the deal (an agreement appeared) it turned out that the term was only two weeks.
  • Online loan officers always ask borrowers for permission to access all data and contacts on mobile phones, which will be used to intimidate borrowers in case of default. In fact, not only through cameras, microphones and locations as provided by the OJK.
  • Loan officers carry out unethical billing in the form of terror, intimidation and harassment, by creating a group of all contacts on the borrower’s mobile phone to embarrass the borrower.
  • Illegal borrowers do not have a complaints service. OJK and AFPI do not handle consumer complaints related to illegal fintech lending. Complaints about illegal loans can be submitted to the police or the Alert Investment Task Force (SWI).
  • Illegal loan lenders often make offers through spam emails or internet links spread through WhatsApp and other social media.

Illegal loan trap via link

Tips from OJK to avoid illegal loan traps via link

shunt detikum, In order not to get involved in illegal online loans, OJK has issued tips to do. Here are the tips excerpted from Instagram @ojkindonesia:

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  1. Distinguish between legal lending to financial technology licensed by OJK and illegal loans.

2. Check the legality of online loan permits to OJK:

  • OJK Contact 157
  • WhatsApp 081157157157
  • For a list of legal fintech lending, you can check out

3. Use only official applications from official sources

4. Do not click on links sent by borrowers via SMS, WhatsApp, email or other means of communication

5. Be wary of illegal loan avenues that use names or logos that look like illegal fintech lending.

The solution when you get involved in illegal loans

If you, as a borrower, have already fallen into illegal loans, then you can do the following things as a solution:

  1. Pay off the loan instantly. If you are not able, then refactor. For example, in the form of a decrease in interest or an extension of the loan period.
  2. Don’t borrow again to close the loan or dig a hole to close a hole.
  3. Block all calls that make unethical bills.
  4. Report to the police immediately if you feel wronged in the form of terror, intimidation or any other unpleasant actions.
  5. Stop borrowing from illegal loans.

This is all the reviews about illegal loan traps via links that you need to know. It might be useful.

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