Best effect Barbara Genshin effect: Starting with weapons and artifacts, prepare this row of items

Below is a series of items needed to build the Barbara Genshin Impact.

Barbara Jenshin Impact character. (miHoYo) – Build the Barbara Genshin effect you need to know to win the battle. As one of the free Genshin Impact characters, many players will have played Barbara.

While this four-star water unit might not be one of the best in terms of damage, Barbara’s ability to heal her team is very useful.

The Hydro Catalyst can give your team a lot of healing and change the tide of battle. You can play Barbara as main support in Genshin Impact, or just want to equip Shining Idol with the best artifacts and weapons.

Barbara’s combo is prevented from being supportive/blessing because her Elemental Burst only heals and does no harm.

It can still be used as a sub DPS. Here’s The Team Structure Barbara Jenshin Impact summarize for you.

Barbara Jenshin Impact character.  (
Barbara Jenshin Impact character. (

Barbara’s best builds

Hydro Healer Build

While it won’t increase the team’s damage production, Barbara will keep the entire team alive and well. Barbara is able to heal by accumulating HP. When using Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers as a weapon, you switch to Barbara every 20 seconds and then to DPS to increase your attack.

Barbara’s best weapon

1. Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers

When changing characters, new characters occupying the terrain experience a 24% increase in attack for 10 seconds. This effect can only happen once every 20 seconds.

2. Amber Model

Using elemental burst regenerates 4 energy every 2 seconds for 6 seconds. All group members will generate 4% HP every 2 seconds for this duration.

The best artifact from Barbara

1. Ocean-Hued Clam

2 pieces: Healing bonus + 15%.

Bonus 4 Piece Set: When the character that equips this artifact set treats a character at the party, the Sea Dye Foam will appear for three seconds, accumulating the amount of HP recovered from healing (including overhealing). At the end of the duration, the sea tint foam will explode, dealing damage to nearby enemies based on 90% of your accumulated healing.

2. Beloved Maiden

Additional 2-piece set: Personal Therapy Efficacy + 15%.

4-Piece Bonus Set: Using basic skills or impulse skills increases the healing received by all party members by 20% for 10 seconds.

Barbara’s best team

Barbara Talent Promotion Article

  • Talent Upgrading Materials: Freedom Teachings x9 – Freedom Guide x63 – Philosophies of Freedom x114
  • Common Boarding Materials: Divining Scroll x18 – Sealed Scroll x66 – Forbidden Curse Scroll x93
  • Weekly Boss Materials: Ring of Boreas x18

This is the Barbara Genshin Impact build that you can try. I wish you a nice play

Contributor: Pasha Ija Wilkins

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