Best car insurance for 2022, here are the company’s recommendations

Jakarta, – The best car insurance for the next 2022 is of course important to owners of four-wheeled vehicles.

As it is known, auto insurance services can be the maximum protection you can give your beloved car.

Well, in the following review, you will find recommendations for the best car insurance companies to consider before buying later, as quoted by Cermati via Republica.

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car insurance

Auto insurance is a type of insurance that provides protection for cars from damage caused by accidents, collisions, rollovers or skidding.

Basically, getting car insurance will help you avoid the huge amount of car repair costs.

On the other hand, the best auto insurance is divided into two types, namely, risk and total loss only (TLO) insurance.

Here are the best recommendations that you can try.

12 best car insurance companies

1. Guarding cars

This Asuransi Astra Buana subsidiary offers a simple and easy claim system to its clients – as well as adequate protection.

The claim can be submitted through four (4) different access methods, namely:

  • Easy to find SSU
  • Garda Mobile Autocare via the app
  • Submit a claim online
  • 24-hour access guard over the phone

2. Adira Autocillin Car Insurance

In the world of vehicle insurance, there is no need to doubt the existence of ADRA. The reason is that in addition to the best option for customers to insure cars in 2011, this company has received many awards in various areas related to its services.

Not only does Adira have complete insurance services, but Adira is also known as a reliable insurance company with a very large number of clients.

3. Rama

The following insurance companies have issued up to 1.6 million policies, and also provide two options for protection, namely:

  • Inclusive
  • Total loss only


There are two types of protection offered by this insurance company at once, namely Total Loss Only (TLO) and All Risk (comprehensive). ABDA itself has a 24 hour roadside assistance service that can provide maximum protection, including towing or carrying services, punctured tires, fuel delivery, battery charging/replacement, and more.

In addition, this insurance company also provides additional services in the form of personal accidents at reasonable premiums for passengers and drivers.

5. ACA

It is known that PT Asuransi Central Asia or ACA provides basic protection guarantees in a comprehensive and automatic form, with the following description.

1. comprehensive

This is a guarantee of protection against the risk of partial or total damage/loss arising from:

  • falling object
  • Fire
  • evil deeds
  • theft or theft
  • Collide
  • clash
  • Other traffic accidents

2. Automation

It is a guarantee of protection specially packaged in the form of a package. In addition, customers will also get special facilities such as emergency repairs, tow trucks and replacement vehicles.

Not only that, the ACA also offers extended coverage for damage caused by riots, natural disasters, and more.

6. Allianz Car Insurance

Allianz has three car insurance packages at once, Mobilku Grand, Mobilku ECO and Mobilku Non-Package. In addition to the above three packages, Allianz Indonesia also offers many excellent facilities, starting with the Allianz Roda (24-hour emergency assistance), taxi accommodation, and protection against the risk of vehicle theft by private drivers.

7. Axa

AXA is known to have attractive special offers for vehicle owners, in addition to providing basic insurance services. Through the Smart Drive product, AXA provides protection against all forms of hazards that may occur or be exposed to while driving.

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8. Securing We Tata / Noises

One of the oldest insurance companies in Indonesia has been operating since 1964 so that Wahana Tata or Aswata Insurance has reliable experience. There are two types of protection that Aswata offers, they are Comprehensive Protection Only (TLO) and Comprehensive Protection.

9. Friends Insurance / Insurance Peace

Sahbat Insurance Company, better known as Pace Insurance, was established in 1997 and has become very popular among the public, especially car owners.

This insurance not only provides protection for vehicles, but also easily accessible services, even from the registration process to filing a claim.

car insurance

10. Chubb

Chubb is a well-known company with a very wide scale, it can be found in 54 countries at once. This insurance offers two different types of protection, namely Comprehensive Protection Only (TLO) and Comprehensive Protection. Not only that, but this company also offers an expansion guarantee that can be customized according to the needs of each client.

11. Jacindu

Bearing the motto “Safe at Heart, Light on Premiums”, Jasindo is known to have been in business since 1973 and has a long experience in the insurance world. There are two car insurance packages available, Jasindo Oto Package and Jasindo Oto Plus (without package). Each package has its own advantages, so customers can choose freely.

12. JP-ASTOR Car Insurance

This subsidiary of PT Jasa Raharja, in operation since 1993, provides two primary protections, namely Total Loss Only (TLO) and Comprehensive/All Risk. Not only that, this company also has expansive coverage services that can be chosen according to the needs of each client.

How to choose the best car insurance

  1. Know your car needs

The first tip, you should clearly understand and know the condition of your vehicle, which usually includes the condition of the engine, body, age and other things that are necessary to consider. When you already know the condition of the car, it will make it easier for you to choose the type of insurance that best suits your car.

As mentioned above, there are two types of vehicle insurance that you can choose and consider, which are risk insurance or comprehensive and total loss only (TLO). Each type of vehicle insurance will provide different benefits and advantages, depending on the type and features of the service chosen.

Therefore, make sure that you already know the different benefits and protections that car insurance will provide you so that you do not suffer losses in the future.

  1. do a scan

Second, you must first conduct a survey of the insurance provider. Of course, there are plenty of top auto insurance providers that many customers trust. Of course, the best car insurance provider will provide the highest quality products, provide the best services and a variety of products on offer. In this case, you can also make comparisons of the auto insurance providers that you have previously surveyed.

  1. Adjust box capacity

Third, the amount of payments that will be made later will definitely affect the protection and facilities you get. Therefore, you should adjust your funds with installment fees that will not burden you.

In connection with this, do not force yourself to be able to pay a large premium, even though it is beyond your financial capacity. Of course, it will be a problem with your expenses in the future.

Some car insurance reviews that you need to know. Let’s buy insurance products now!

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