BCA Call Center 24 hours, here are the complaints that can be submitted

Jakarta, Duniafintech.com – BCA 24-hour call center or better known as Halo BCA will provide services to loyal customers BCA.

This practical service can be contacted via various channels, such as phone, social media, WhatsApp to company email. Even without stopping for 24 hours.

So what services does Bank BCA provide, let’s take a look at the following review about BCA 24 hour call center.

The service is available at Call Center BCA 24 Hours

BCA’s 24-hour call center provides services to BCA clients. so what? release koalaHere’s the full review.

1. Information about deposit products

One of the information you can get at BCA’s 24 hour call center is all about savings products. Here you can get complete information regarding BCA bank deposit products in detail, such as:

  • Phase
  • golden stage
  • Xpresi . stage
  • futures stage
  • tappress
  • And many other savings products

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In addition to getting acquainted with deposit products in detail, you can also use the 24-hour BCA call center service to block ATM cards. So if your ATM card is lost or swallowed, immediately call the ENG call center number so that it can be immediately blocked so that others cannot use it.

BCA 24 hour call center

2. Credit Card Service – BCA 24 Hours Call Center

The BCA Call Center service also provides information about credit cards from BCA Card, BCA Mastercard and also BCA Visa.

Each type of credit card has its own advantages and features that can be customized according to the needs of the customers. To find out more about detailed information related to this BCA credit card product, you can contact the bank’s call center service.

3. Loan Services

Other information also available in BCA’s 24-hour call center service about loan products. BCA itself has four types of loans offered to customers such as Home Equity Loans (KPR), Apartment Equity Loans (KPA), Car Loans (KKB) and Unsecured Loans (KTA).

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Halo BCA Call Center will provide the information you need about BCA Bank loan products.

4. Sharia services BCA

Moreover, the BCA Bank call center service not only provides questions and information about traditional products. However, you can also ask questions about BCA Syariah products and services, for example financing products from Stages iB, Stages of iB plans, iB Current Accounts to iB Student Savings.

You can ask questions regarding BCA Sharia Bank products through the BCA WhatsApp Call Center or other call center services.

BCA Syariah also offers financing products to its clients. Some of them are IB working capital financing, IB investment financing, popular business development MSME financing (BUR), IB KPR, IB KKB and IB gold. You can get complete information about these products by accessing the free BCA call center service via WhatsApp or other options.

5. Bancassurance service

Bancassurance is an insurance product from BCA Bank. In addition to providing banking products, BCA also provides insurance products services to its clients. Some of the insurance products that can be ordered at a BCA call center include:

  • Provesa Max / Provesa Platinum Max
  • Legitimate fee
  • Shariah Platinum Provisa
  • Other Protection Products

Through the BCA Finance call center, you can get complete information regarding the Bancassurance service. This is convenient for you when you want to choose an insurance product that suits your needs.

Please note that BCA’s 24-hour call center can be accessed from anywhere, including from abroad. For those of you who live abroad, you can use the Halo BCA International service to get the information you need. This is a form of the best service that BCA Bank offers to all clients.

This is a full review of the 24 hour BCA call center that is important to know. As a BCA customer, learn about the number of call center services for various urgent needs, including filing complaints during banking transactions.

So if you encounter problems or have questions regarding the bank’s product, please call this call center at 1500998 Or send messages via WhatsApp and BCA official social media.

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