BCA 24-hour call center: Numbers that live up to service excellence

Jakarta, duniafintech.com – You can contact BCA’s 24-hour call center or Halo BCA as a long distance service solution.

BCA’s 24-hour call center will provide maximum service to loyal PT customers Central Asian Bank (BCA Bank).

This leading bank has a variety of products and services that can be used, ranging from savings products, credit cards, various credit facilities, transaction banking services to other financial services.

Not only that, BCA also offers customer service to help its customers who have issues, problems or just want to ask questions from afar. They can all be accessed through the call center earlier.

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On the other hand, BCA is known to be one of the largest banks in Indonesia, with a large number of clients and great loyalty.

So in case of any issues, customers can contact BCA via the 24 hour BCA call center spread across different platforms. Here is the full review.

BCA 24 hour call center

How to contact BCA’s 24-hour call center

Bank BCA continues its commitment to developing Halo BCA call center services. There are five ways to contact a 24-hour BCA call center contact. between them:

1. Contact Hello PCA 24 Hours Call Center to number 150088

Hello BCA 1500888 For customers who feel more comfortable using their cell phones or landlines, they can call Halo BCA directly at 1500888.

This number will be displayed on your mobile screen if BCA calls you.

2. via Twitter @HaloBCA

The next channel of communication is via @HaloBCA on Twitter. This channel is available to active users of the social media Twitter. Customers can follow or mention the @HaloBCA account on Twitter.

The Halo BCA Call Center comes with a HaloBCA account with a single letter L and a blue Twitter account verification tick.

Through this social media, BCA customer service team will respond to all customer questions quickly.

3. Halo BCA Chat App

Halo BCA can also be accessed through the chat app, and you can ask questions about BCA services through the website www.bca.co.id. You can welcome the call center via the Halo BCA chat.

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This service can be accessed through gadgets, desktop and mobile versions located in the upper right corner.

4. By email [email protected]

Meanwhile, if Halo BCA e-mail or e-mail can be reached via e-mail address [email protected]

You can create whatever you like. However, you will have to wait a while to wait for a response.

5. Vera

In addition, you can chat with VIRA as a good friend via chat to find out online banking information without having to call the call center.

VIRA can be found on Facebook Messenger, the LINE app, Kaskus, and the Google Assistant.

To be able to chat with VIRA, make sure to add an official BCA Bank account as your friend, okay?

These friends are added on LINE, Facebook Messenger, Kaskus Chat, or provide a “Talk to BCA Bank” voice entry on Google Assistant.

Halo BCA 24 hour call center service benefits

With Halo BCA, customers can get information about products offered by BCA, including:

  • Information about BCA savings products. Like Phases, Gold Phases, Xpresi Phases, Futures Phases, Tapres, other savings products.
  • Information about credit card products. From complete information about credit cards from BCA Card and BCA MasterCard to BCA Visa.
  • Information about loan products. Through the BCA call center, customers can ask questions such as interest, term and down payment (DP). The loan products offered by BCA are Home Equity Loans (KPR), Apartment Equity Loans (KPA), Car Loans (KKB), and Unsecured Loans (KTA).

This is a review about a 24 hour BCA call center that you can use. We hope this information is useful.

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