Based on the horoscopes, these Dragon Ball characters are suitable to be your dating friend

The right Dragon Ball character to be your date based on your zodiac sign, who is your partner?

Dragon Ball – Goku and Chi Chi’s wedding. (IMDB) – Curious about the right Dragon Ball characters to be your companion? Perhaps you should take a look at the summary below.

Dragon Ball Universe contains many characters who all have their own personalities. While all of these characters are fun, not everyone will suit them.

Fans often search for their ideal partner in their favorite anime, whether it is a “husband” or a “wefu”.

Usually, they will use the zodiac to see who is the right partner for them. Here are the Dragon Ball characters suitable to be your date when viewed based on the zodiac:

1. Aries – Peseta

Dragon Ball Z - Peseta.  (fandom)
Dragon Ball Z – Peseta. (fandom)

Aries is known as a person with a strong and stubborn personality. They are often very competitive and will not hesitate to pursue what they love.

It is known that Bezia loves strong-willed women, which is why he is with Bulma.

If you see Bezita’s relationship with Bulma, you will know how compatible Aries is with Bezita.

2. Taurus – Bulma

Dragon Ball Z - Peseta and Bulma.  (fandom)
Dragon Ball Z – Peseta and Bulma. (fandom)

Taurus is known as a person with a stubborn personality. They are proud of themselves but also determined to be a better version of themselves.

These Taurus are also hardworking workers and respect the wishes of others to get things done steadily.

If you are a Taurus, then Bulma is the perfect choice for you as she is someone who should be able to shake off your stubbornness.

3. Gemini – Goku

Dragon Ball Ultra Instinct Goku.  (
Dragon Ball Ultra Instinct Goku. (

Geminis are known to be a good communicator because they can quickly connect with those around them.

Therefore, Goku will be trusted to be the right partner for Gemini.

Goku is someone who is often drawn to the people he loves. He loves to joke around and will be there to listen to your concerns.

4. Cancer – Piccolo

Dragon Ball - Piccolo.  (fandom)
Dragon Ball – Piccolo. (fandom)

Cancers are known to be sensitive and emotional, so they need someone who can provide them emotional security.

Therefore, we believe that if you have cancer, you will be best suited to date with Piccolo.

He is very perceptive and can easily pick up any emotion you may be feeling.

We’ve seen Piccolo take care of Gohan in Dragon Ball Z, and later, his daughter, Ban, in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.

It is very reliable, and provides a person with the emotional security that they will be there for their partner no matter the situation.

5. Liu – Johan

Dragon Ball Super - Gohan.  (IMDB)
Dragon Ball Super – Gohan. (IMDB)

It is known that the lion wants admiration and love. They love to be treated like royalty in a relationship and always want to be heard.

So if you are a Leo, Gohan will be the most suitable Dragon Ball character for you.

Gohan is a comfortable person with himself.

He was someone who accepted himself over and over again and managed to get over his problems.

When he feels confident in himself, he will have no problem listening to you and treating you like royalty while he feels happy about it.

6. Virgo – Chi Chi

Dragon Ball - Chi Chi and Goku.  (fandom)
Dragon Ball – Chi Chi and Goku. (fandom)

Virgos are known as someone who pays attention to details. They take a very practical approach to life and like to think ahead.

Therefore, we think that if you are a Virgo, you will be more compatible with Chi-Chi.

Chi-Chi tries to plan things out for Gohan, focusing mostly on academics and his future as a scientist.

Most people would think he’s overreacting, but remember that he’s only acting this way because Goku isn’t very interested in academics and rarely helps with that.

7. Libra – Future Trunks

Dragon Ball - Trunks of the Future.  (fandom)
Dragon Ball – Trunks of the Future. (fandom)

Libras are known to have a simple nature. They tend to possess diplomatic conversational skills and can win anyone’s heart.

They can turn a meager discussion topic into a full-blown conversation.

If you’re a Libra, you’ll be best suited to date in future Trunks.

Future Trunks has always had a hard time with his schedule and rarely interacts socially due to his lack of peers.

As such, Future Trunks may not be able to maintain a good conversation, so here’s where you’ll top it off.

8. Scorpio – Krillin

Dragon Ball - Krillin.  (IMDB)
Dragon Ball – Krillin. (IMDB)

Scorpios are famous for solving problems and puzzles. They are best suited to someone who understands their deep love of confidentiality and can remain true to them.

The best match for Scorpios is Krillin. Krillin is highly intelligent and can find solutions to problems.

He can help you find answers and understand why you enjoy doing it.

We have seen how loyal Krillin is to his friends and family. He doesn’t need to think twice before encouraging his partner to pursue their dreams.

9. Arch – Android 17

Dragon Ball-Android 17. (Fandom)
Dragon Ball-Android 17. (Fandom)

Sagittarians love to have a good time and are often eager to try new things. They are fiery and emotional, ready to live life to the fullest.

So they need someone who doesn’t feel overwhelmed by their level of enthusiasm.

This is why Android 17 would be perfect for you Sagittarius.

He is a fun person who tries to live life to the fullest.

Even though he had accomplished many of his doomed days, he still had goals and wanted to achieve them.

10. Capricorn – Android 18

Dragon Ball-Android 18. (Fandom)
Dragon Ball-Android 18. (Fandom)

Capricorns are a hardworking, goal-oriented type who don’t like to waste time on trivial things.

They love material things and are willing to work hard for it.

Android 18 will be the most suitable Dragon Ball character for anyone with Capricorn.

It will help you achieve the goals you strive to achieve.

11. Aquarius – Broly

Dragon Ball Z - Broly.  (fandom)
Dragon Ball Z – Broly. (fandom)

The sign of Aquarius is known as an independent and free person. She is one of the best zodiac signs that can see other individuals from a different side.

Broly would be a perfect match for an Aquarius.

He did not see many civilizations and therefore had a sense of worldly justice in which he did not hold any prejudice against anyone.

He is so strong and emotional, he will instantly make you feel connected to him.

12. Pisces – Fidel

Dragon Ball - Videl.  (fandom)
Dragon Ball – Videl. (fandom)

Pisces are known to be dreamy and sensitive. They tend to love people who can provide them with emotional security while also allowing their partner to be vulnerable with them if need be.

They love to try new things but may need extra encouragement from loved ones to try it.

Fidel is a very caring person who is ready to give everything to help his loved ones.

Since she was so famous for being the daughter of the demon Hercules, she rarely gets the chance to feel weak.

Referring to these traits, Videl would be very suitable as a partner for Pisces.

Contributor: Damai Lestari

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