Bad credit loans amounting to 1.21 trillion rupiah

Jakarta, – This time, Indonesian fintech news reviews about online loan loans, also known as bad loans.

The number of arrears on non-performing loans has also reached an impressive number, not in the billions, but in the trillions of rupees.

From data summarized by the Financial Services Authority or OJKPinjol’s bad credit is dominated by women. On average, of women of childbearing age. Then in more detail, the following is summarized in a review of Indonesian fintech news.

OJK records bad loans amounting to 1.21 trillion rupees

OJK loan credit record for female borrowers amounting to IDR 562 billion

The Financial Services Authority (OJK) registered a non-performing loan (NPL) to fintech or fintech companies worth 1.21 trillion rupees in the first half of 2022. This realization grew by eight per cent compared to the previous month of 1.11 rupees. trillion.

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Based on OJK statistical data, this non-performing online loan consists of IDR 1.10 trillion individual online loans and IDR 118 billion IDR online corporate loans.

Indonesian FinTech News

Most women are of productive age – Indonesian FinTech News

If detailed, the bad loans amounting to 563 crore are dominated by female clients. Meanwhile, as of their age, clients aged 19-34 are mostly registered for bad loans.

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Then it is followed by 35-54 year old customers with non-performing loans worth Rs.302 billion and customers over 54 years with Rs.25.39 billion.

Meanwhile, online credit is not smooth or in the 30-90 day range of 3.21 trillion rupees and existing loans or delays of up to 30 days amount to 41.29 trillion rupees.

In the non-current credit category, male customers dominate with an online credit value of 1.49 trillion rupees.

In total, online loans in July 2022 amounted to 45.72 trillion rupees, consisting of individuals worth 37.81 trillion rupees and business entities worth 7.91 trillion rupees.

Then the online payment success rate (TKB90) was 97.33 percent in July 2022. The number was slightly better than the previous month’s 97.47 percent or 97.72 percent in May 2022.

Meanwhile, OJK also recorded operating expenses of an online credit company of 4.69 trillion rupees in the first half of 2022. Meanwhile, its operating income was 4.61 trillion rupees.

If detailed, the workload is 1.21 trillion rupees. This number of workers increased nine times compared to January 2022 at Rs. 154.47 billion.

Likewise with marketing and advertising expenditures which increased several times to reach 1.46 trillion rupees. It is followed by general and administrative expenses of 1.04 trillion rupees, IT development and maintenance expenditures of 506 billion rupees, and financial expenditures of 228 billion rupees.

Its non-operating expenses also increased to Rs.218 billion, which contributed to the distribution of interest/profit-sharing expenses, bank management expenses and foreign exchange differences. The BOPO ratio, also known as total operating expenses and total operating income, is 101.74 percent.

The storm of layoffs has also reached Pinjol, and now it’s Smart & Atome Credit’s turn – Indonesian Fintech News

On the other hand, co-financing fintech services platform (P2P lending) also known as PT Kredit Pintar Indonesia and finance company providing late payment services (BNPL/paylater) PT Atome Financial Indonesia, which is sponsored by, announced the layoffs of its employees. .

release Business.comSmart Credit Manager Wisely Reinharda Wijaya said the layoff is part of the company’s business strategy. He wisely added that this is done periodically to review the performance of human resources.

He explained that this layoff was done in order for the company’s human resources to remain focused and efficient in providing long-term value, to both investors, customers and business partners in Indonesia.

“Our focus now is on how to ensure that all affected human resources receive full support during this period,” Weasley said.

Despite the announcement of layoffs, Kredit Pintar itself stated on its website that the record number of loans disbursed was TKB90 of 100.

Meanwhile, in terms of business access, last June Kredit Pintar received Rs 150 billion credit financing from a bank source owned by one of Indonesia’s richest, Hary Tanoesoedibjo, PT Bank MNC Internasional Tbk. (BABP through the Motion Banking app.

The loan feature integrated with MotionBanking uses an AI-based credit scoring system that allows new MotionBanking users to get faster cash balances of up to 20 million rupees of smart credit.

“The first phase is a minimum of IDR 150 billion. We guarantee the non-performing loans with a good credit score.”

Wisely targets also that the major borrowers integrated into MotionBanking are unbanked, and they are 40-50 percent of the Indonesian population. According to him, the number of people without bank accounts is one of the challenges of being able to reach people in remote areas of Indonesia.

“If it is quantified, it will be hundreds of millions of customers. This is probably our biggest goal. If we can reach them, I believe that both parties, Motion Banking and Kredit Pintar will encourage financial inclusion in Indonesia.”

This is a review of Indonesian financial technology news. We hope this information is useful to you.

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