Apple watchOS 9 Low Power Mode details

watchOS 9 Low Power Mode

The new Apple watchOS 9 software has just launched and it brings a bunch of new features to the Apple Watch, one of the new features is the new Low Power Mode.

Low Power Mode on the Apple Watch is designed to give you longer battery life on your device, and a similar feature was available for the iPhone.

Apple has now released details about the features that will be turned off when using Low Power Mode on the Apple Watch, and details of that can be seen below.

Low Power Mode turns off these features
– Always on screen
– Heart rate notifications for irregular heartbeat, high heart rate and low heart rate
– Background measurements of heart rate
Background blood oxygen measurements
Exercise start reminder

Low Power Mode turns off these features when your iPhone is not near you
– Wi-Fi and cellular connections
– Incoming phone calls and notifications

Low Power Mode affects these features
– Making a phone call may take longer
– App refresh occurs in the background less frequently
Complications occur less frequently
– Siri can take longer to process the request
– Some animations and scrolling may look less smooth

Apple also said that you can still use Low Power Mode while working out and that it will still record your heart rate. You can learn more details about these new Low Power Mode features at the link below, the new watchOS 9 software update is now available for download.

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