Apple releases watchOS 9.1 beta 1

watchOS 9.1 Beta 1

Earlier this week, Apple released watchOS 9 and now we have a new beta version of the Apple Watch, watchOS 9.1 beta 1.

The new beta version of watchOS 9.1 has been released alongside a new beta build of iOS 16.1 for the iPhone, and it brings a bunch of new updates to the Apple Watch, and what exactly is included is not yet known.

The watchOS 9 software update that arrived earlier this week has added some great new features to the Apple Watch.

This includes a new set of watch faces and some new sleep tracking features. You can now track REM, Core, and Deep sleep on your Apple Watch, making sleep tracking even more comprehensive.

Apple has also added a new Low Power Mode to your Apple Watch designed to give you longer battery life on your device. There is also a new set of fitness features as well as some improvements over existing ones.

Apple’s watchOS 9 beta 1 is now available for developers to try, and you can find out more information on Apple’s developer site at the link below.

We expect Apple to release a public beta of watchOS 9.1 sometime soon, and it will be some time before the final version of watchOS 9.1 is released as this is only the first beta in the series.

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