All-risk property insurance, that’s the difference with FLEXAS

Jakarta, – Property All Risks (PAR) insurance is insurance that can be chosen as a form of protection for owned property.

quotes OJK official websitePAR is an unnamed fire insurance policy, which provides coverage for all risks occurring to the property and/or interests insured, except for the risks contained in the exclusion, namely:

  • Device damage due to use
  • wear and tear
  • Because of the nature of the object or element itself
  • Nuclear and atomic reactions, radioactivity, and the like
  • War including civil war
  • Property in transit or elsewhere
  • Waterbome or airbome
  • unexplained disappearance
  • Test involving abnormal conditions or intentional overload
  • Bad intentions of the insured or workers

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Advantages of all-risk property insurance

  • PAR for non-industrial buildings such as offices, homes, hospitals, schools, etc.
  • PAR for industrial buildings such as factories, warehouses, shops, shopping malls, etc.

Things to do when buying all-risk property insurance

  • Carefully study the offers of offers from agents/brokers, especially the secured and unsecured risks, the requirements to be fulfilled, the method of payment of premiums, and the liability of the insured in the event of loss or damage.
  • Ensure the financial health of the insurance company that will cover the risks.
  • Ask the agency card from the agent who provides it if it is through an agent.
  • Complete the insurance closure application with the correct data completely and signed by the insured candidate himself. Usually the required data relate to:
  1. Coverage topic type
  2. building construction
  3. Cover topic
  4. The type of insured activity
  5. Surrounding dangers
  6. Facilities at the location of the topic of coverage
  7. Warranty area required
  8. Coverage value
  9. Coverage period
  10. Loss history/claim experience
  11. Assist surveyors from insurance companies if they are assigned to conduct surveys of insurance items before insurance closes

Who can get this product with?

These products can be obtained through:

  • Certified insurance agent
  • Insurance brokers, mainly for full risk
  • Directly contact the insurance company that guarantees the risks

Pay attention to these things when buying PAR منتجات products

  • Offer letter from the company
  • Authorized Agent Warranty
  • SPPA
  • Ensure that the data in the SPPA is consistent with actual conditions
  • Read the contract/policy carefully and ask the agent/company if there is any doubt about the status of the policy
  • Request a change (confirmation) if there is a data error in the selected policy

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What do you do when you don’t work as promised

With reference to the terms of the policy agreed upon in dispute resolution, actions that can be taken include:

  • A request for clarification from the company, whether through an agent or directly to the company, for a peace process or deliberations between the two parties
  • Submit a complaint to the Indonesian insurance brokerage agency with a problematic claim value of 750,000,000 rupiah.
  • If you do not find common ground yet, you can choose to resolve disputes through arbitration or settle disputes through the courts

All risk property insurance

The difference between All Risks Property Insurance (PAR) and FLEXAS Insurance

1. Fire insurance

Compensating for losses caused by fires requires a large amount of money, and it seems unfair that we rely solely on savings financially. For those who have property assets, fire insurance is one of the most important things, because fire insurance will cover losses or damages caused by fire.

The topic of coverage is not limited to the house or the store, but you can also insure all the contents of the house. For example furniture, furnishings, machinery and other property.

Fire insurance benefits cover the risks of FLEXAS (fire, lightning, explosion, aircraft impact and smoke). It is for all fires caused by fires, lightning, explosions, aircraft accidents and smoke.


Fire insurance covers fires caused by the spread of fire, heat from certain objects, short circuits or fires caused by other things not included in the exclusion from the policy. This fire includes damage to equipment used to extinguish a fire.

lightning strike

Fires caused by lightning strikes are also included in fire insurance coverage. This includes electrical machinery, electrical or electronic equipment, and electrical installations that have caught fire due to lightning strikes.


The explosion in question is a sudden release of energy due to the expansion of gas or steam. Also includes explosions due to chemical reactions.

plane crash

The document covers fires that occur as a result of an aircraft crash, provided that they occur due to the aircraft colliding with insured buildings and property.


Smoke from a property fire that is insured, covered in an insurance policy.

As the name implies, the benefits of fire insurance are limited to protection due to fire events. But there is no need to worry, because you can expand the protection with the risks of riots, riots, floods, storms and other risks that are adjusted according to the advantages of each insurance company.

2. All-risks property insurance

It is an insurance policy that provides protection against damages that occur suddenly and unexpectedly as a result of various risks such as fire, lightning, explosion, aircraft crash, smoke (FLEXAS), hurricanes, storms, floods, landslides, earthquakes, strikes, riots, hooliganisms and other dangers mentioned in the insurance policy.

If fire insurance only covers losses due to fire hazards, lightning, explosions, aircraft accidents and smoke, then all property risks (PAR) insurance covers all damages and losses caused by various risks, to name a few. All-risk property insurance also has added risk protection against hurricanes, storms, floods and water damage.

Some reviews about all types of property insurance against risks that are important to know. It might be useful.

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