After you have been scammed, Indodax is taking legal steps!

Jakarta, – Today’s cryptocurrency news comes from a trusted crypto exchange in the country, Endodex Who took legal action on the hoax case that attacked him on Twitter.

Indodax took this legal step because the attacks on irresponsible cases have infected and caused disturbances in the public domain.

So what are the next steps, let’s take a look at today’s cryptocurrency news.

Indodax reports official Dark Tracer accounts to authorities

Endodexthe largest crypto platform in Indonesia with 5.5 million members, has officially announced the Twitter account Dark Tracer: DarkWeb Criminal Intelligence (darktracer_int) to the authorities.

The report was submitted by Indodax management about the hoax spread by Dark Tracer on its Twitter account regarding the hacking issue that Indodax faced some time ago.

Indodax CEO Oscar Darmawan said the move was taken because the hoax posted by the Dark Tracer post had damaged Indodax’s image as a trusted crypto company.

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In addition, the post also caused unrest for Indodax members and all crypto and blockchain activists in the country, even abroad.

We finally took this step after consulting with the legal side. We, as the management of Indodax, consider Dark Tracer to be spreading false rumors without first confirming them with us. By uploading scam issues on Dark Tracer social media accounts and seeing them by many people, it really attacks the brand that we have established so far as a reliable crypto company in Indonesia. “Since the inception of Endodex, we have always focused on the safety and comfort of our members,” said Oscar, in his official statement, Tuesday (20/9/2022).

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The CEO of Indodax also added that Indodax will criminalize the Dark Tracer account with defamatory articles and electronic information manipulation.

In practice, Indodax has ensured the confidentiality and security of member data.

Moreover, Indodax already has three ISO certifications at once, namely ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and ISO 27017, and is the only Indonesian crypto company that has three ISO certifications and obtained legitimacy from crypto regulators in Indonesia.

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Indodax builds an MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) system and uses MPC (Multi-Party Account) and TAP (Transaction Authorization Policy) technologies to secure members’ assets so that they cannot be accessed without the member’s consent.

“With this system, we are doing this for the full protection of members. Regarding yesterday’s Twitter hoax case, I object to this because we have confirmed that the Indodax server is secure and there are no 50,000 leaked data from the Indodax server as reported. I can be sure that our servers are safe,” Oscar Darmawan explained. Safe”.

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To ensure that cryptocurrency buying and selling transactions are more secure, Oscar also calls on members to jointly keep each other’s data safe.

One is to be careful when logging in, make sure the website you open is the correct INDODAX address, and not just download crypto-related plugins into your browser, as it is vulnerable to intrusion by viruses or malware.

“So that you are not vulnerable to infiltration by viruses or malware, I always urge members to do so Ensure that mobile phones and browsers used for trading are safe and virus-free,” said Oscar.

As additional information, Indodax has an offline counter that can be used by members for consultation in Sudirman Business Center, DKI Jakarta, Seminyak, Bali. At Indodax, anyone can easily and securely own Bitcoin and other crypto assets with a starting price of just IDR 10k.

This is today’s crypto news review that reviews the legal steps Indodax will take against the Dark Tracer Twitter account. I hope this information is useful.

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