After the Fall: Reclamation hands-on: this update redefines the endgame

After the Fall players are in for an early Fall treat, as the latest update, Reclamation, is now available for all major VR platforms including PlayStation VR, Meta Quest 2, Steam, Pico, and iQIYI. Reclamation aims to completely revamp the endgame in After the Fall by adding a ton of new content for veteran and novice players, alike, to discover.

After the Fall (opens in new tab) is one of our favorite Quest 2 games (opens in new tab) not just because of it’s superb Left 4 Dead style gameplay and level structure, but also because developer Vertigo Games has consistently added to and updated the game since its initial release back in December 2021. Vertigo Games says the game has seen over 55,000 monthly active players in recent months, and this new swath of content is sure to bring more into the fray.

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