A sneak peek at the POCO F4 Series in Batam

At the end of June 2022, POCO Indonesia officially launched its latest flagship smartphone, the POCO F4 series. yes! As we all know, two models have been launched, namely POCO F4 and POCO F4 GT. Both are equipped with 5G technology support.

So, do you know where POCO Indonesia collected the two flagship smartphones? For those who are curious, POCO Indonesia has assembled the POCO F4 5G and F4 GT 5G in Batam, Riau Islands. More precisely in the assembly run by PT Sat Nusapersada (Sat Nusa).

Currently! On September 19, 2022 POCO Indonesia invited a number of media and technical reviewers, one of whom was Droidlime who had the opportunity to come to Sat Nusa and see the assembly process of the POCO F4 5G and POCO F4 GT 5G.

Of course, to enter the factory area, visitors have to comply with many regulations. One of them, visitors are required to use shoe covers as well as wear special clothing when entering the gathering area.

Also not everyone who enters the assembly room is allowed to bring smartphones and other electronic devices. This is closely related because in some areas of the factory it is also forbidden to take pictures, especially during the installation process of many electronic components.

As explained by Simon, Director of Production at PT Sat Nusapersada, the assembly process for the POCO F4 and F4 GT is completely different. The assembly of the POCO F4 5G in one line can take more than 90 operations, while the POCO F4 GT 5G takes only 24 operations.

“In one line, the assembly process for the POCO F4 5G is actually longer than for the POCO F4 GT 5G. This is because the F4 5G has the initial installation process for many components or modules, such as the motherboard, antenna, battery, and many sensors, as well as Camera “.

In addition, Simon also emphasized that not only the process of installing several modules, the POCO F4 also had to go through several testing processes for many functions of the modules that were installed in the smartphone, starting with the testing of camera sensors, screens, and so on.

Meanwhile, if we look at the assembly process of the POCO F4 GT 5G, the entire smartphone unit was assembled from China. PT Sat Nusapersada workers only need to see the state of the smartphone and, if deemed appropriate, the device is ready to be “injected” with the operating system and applications.

“It is also worth noting that the POCO F4 5G and F4 GT 5G aggregated at PT Sat Nusapersada met the TKDN value set by the Indonesian government. POCO F4 5G has a TKDN value of more than 30%, while the value of the F4 GT 5G is more than 36,” Simon added. %”.

He accompanied a number of media and technical reviewers to visit PT Sat Nusapersada in Batam, Riau Islands to see firsthand the assembly process of POCO F4 5G and POCO F4 GT 5G, accompanied by Andi Renreng, Head of Marketing at POCO Indonesia.

“POCO Indonesia is proud to be able to cooperate with PT Sat Nusapersada to assemble two of POCO’s flagship smartphone models, the F4 5G and F4 GT 5G. Andy said they are constantly promising to assemble two smartphone models with the best quality.”

yes! One thing that is interesting is to ensure that the two smartphone models perform well when purchased by consumers, and a Quality Control (QC) official performs a “final” check. If a problem is found, the assembly process will start from the beginning.

“We guarantee that all market-ready POCO F4 5G and POCO F4 GT 5G devices can be operated in accordance with the wishes of POCO Indonesia. Therefore, we are focused on completing all the processes and tests that have been specified.”

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