A new action-adventure MMORPG was announced at Tokyo Game Show 2022

AshfallAll-new cross-platform conspiracy archer MMORPG Being developed by Legendary Star StudiosIt was announced at Tokyo Game Show 2022. The game is expected to be released on Android and iOS in 2023. Players can watch Ashfall in action during the IGN Showcase Livestream on September 16 at 10 AM PT. Official Website and social channels. The studio attended the Tokyo Game Show 2022 to release more information about the game.

Explore a post-apocalyptic wasteland in Ashfall

Nuclear war wreaks havoc on the planet Ashfall after an AI rebelled against humanity and tried to eliminate its creators. Only a few pockets of civilization are left in the wake of this devastation, and the last few survivors struggle to survive in this scorched and perilous country.

All that remains is death, gloom and rust, but the rest still possess some kind of soul. Participants take on the role of the Wanderers, who are entrusted with escaping the Vault and searching for the Legendary The essence of creationwhich may hold the secret to saving humanity.

As players explore the wasteland, players will be fascinated by the amazing sounds and stunning visuals created by the Legendary Star Studio for Ashfall. An elite group of musicians among them Steve Mazzaro And the Oscar winner Hans ZimmerAshfall music produced. In the lead up to the release, Ashfall beta tests will be available. Ashfall made its premiere on one of the biggest stages in the gaming industry, and soon players will be able to explore the wasteland.

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Ashfall social media platforms, where developers will provide updates about the development of the game, can be followed by players who want to be among the first to experience the world of Ashfall. Players brave enough to face its dangers may be the first to locate the essence of creation and save humanity from extinction. The world of Ashfall needs heroes to help rebuild it.

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