6 tools for novice investors

Jakarta, Duniafintech.com – It is very important to know the following small capital investment tips, especially for beginners and new investors.

Usually, most novice investors have minimal capital, so they are not sure about investing. However, there are actually a number of products that make it easy for you to invest with a small capital.

What is the list of recommended investment tools? To find out, see the following review.

Small Capital Investing Tips: What is an Investing?

Basically, investment is a strategic factor in economic activity which is also referred to as investing.

Investing is the activity of investing money or capital (value assets) with the aim of obtaining a profit (profit). The party/person making the investment is referred to as an investor.

It should also be noted that investors are also categorized into two divisions, which are individual investors and institutional investors – usually made up of entities, corporations or foundations.

Small capital investment tips

Small capital investment tips: recommendations for beginners

Here are 6 small capital investments that are suitable for novice investors.

1. Investment funds

Mutual funds are an investment vehicle to absorb capital for a group of investors so that they can invest in the capital market with small capital investments.

This product is ideal for small capital investments. With a capital of only ten thousand rupees (10,000 rupees), for example, you can actually invest in this product.

Besides, another advantage of being a beginner is that you do not have to monitor the developments of the assets. The reason is that there is an Investment Manager (MI) to manage the funds stored in this mutual fund product.

On the other hand, mutual funds do not require a large amount of capital. Well, for a beginner investment, this product is obviously very suitable. Mutual funds are also very suitable for beginners who are entering the world of investing for the first time.

2. Gold as a small investment advice

As for one product without the need for a lot of other analyzes with a small capital, which is gold. This product is definitely very suitable for starting a small capital investment.

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This mineral origin is ideal for long-term use. Gold has also become one of the essential products for experienced and novice investors. This product is also a value guard product, especially during an economic crisis, when the prices of other assets are falling.

3. P2P Lending

It is an investment vehicle that becomes a loan service provider to link the debtor/borrower directly to the loan fund owner or creditor.

Peer-to-peer lending can also be a suitable option for small capital investors. Here, you can start investing with a capital of one hundred thousand rupees (100.00 rupees.

In addition, the products are facilitated by Financial Services Authority (OJK) This can also analyze the risks of potential borrowers.

4. Government bonds

Many novice investors are interested in government bonds issued by government securities (SBN). The benchmark for SBN costs starts from one million rupees (Rs. 1,000,000) to two billion rupees (Rs. 2,000,000,000).

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When you invest in this product, you will not get a return right away, but you have to wait for maturity as per the provisions of the government.

You can also use many government bond products, including retail bonds, government retail bonds, savings bonds, and retail savings bonds (SBR).

5. Stocks are also small capital investment tips

If you use this tool, you can take ownership of a public company by purchasing shares. Stock prices also have many differences.

Well, as a novice investor, it is advisable to use the stock mutual fund product because the investment manager (MI) will select the stocks according to your financial ability.

On the other hand, if you use stock investment products, you may have a possibility of incurring losses because you are a novice investor who has no experience analyzing the rise and fall of stock prices.

6. Equity and crowdfunding

For information, equity crowdfunding uses small investment funds because it uses a joint venture scheme to fund the business.

Here, the investor will have a stake in the business. The advantage is that this type of investment will be profitable for the investors if the business is profitable. On the other hand, the risk is worth it if the business loses money.

Some reviews of small capital investment tips complete with 6 investment tools for novice investors. Happy investment!

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