6 Most Dangerous Indonesian Hackers, Some Can Break Satellites

An Indonesian hacker caused a wave of confusion in a number of countries after their satellites were hacked.

Hacker illustration. (Pixabay)

hitekno.com – The action of the Bjorka hacker is currently a hot topic of discussion among Indonesians regarding the recent data leak. But did you know that there are some of the most dangerous Indonesian hackers who never lose in the business.

Previously, Bjorka was hailed after successfully impressing Indonesian netizens, which has recently become a hot topic for revealing some sensitive information.

Some of the information included the mastermind behind Munir’s murder, secret messages from the president and personal data of officials. And a number of other data leaks that have surfaced recently.

But was Bjorka included in the list of the most dangerous Indonesian hackers summed up by the team? HiTekno.com From Suara.comThursday (15/9/2022).

It seems that the Bgorka pirates were not on this list. The reason is that the Indonesian hacking penetration record is very worrying. For example, Jim Giovadi, he managed to hack a satellite and change the direction of its orbit.

In addition, there is Putra Aji Azari who managed to enter the NASA site even though he is still 15 years old. Who else on the list of the most dangerous hackers in Indonesia?

Summing up various sources, Indonesia also has many highly respected pirate personalities in the world. From changing the satellite orbit in China to turning off the internet in the neighboring country, here’s the full list.

Hacker illustration.  (Pixels / Sora Shimazaki)
Hacker illustration. (Pixels / Sora Shimazaki)

List of the most dangerous Indonesian hackers brought to you by the HiTekno.com team.

1. Jim Giovdi

Some time ago, the Chinese government was overwhelmed because the orbit of one of its satellites changed its direction. The same thing also happened to two satellites in Indonesia. It was clearly the work of an Indonesian hacker named Jim Giovdi.

Jim, who was able to hack because he was self-taught, admitted that he was “checking” the satellite’s security system in action. This makes him respected among other hackers in Indonesia.

2. Hmei7

Hackers are usually recognized after successfully achieving “achievements” in their field. The same thing happened to Hmei7, a hacker from Indonesia. He managed to disable a WordPress website a few years ago to respect other hackers.

The number of Hmei7 is still a mystery to this day, but the hacker who damaged about 5 thousand sites in two days is suspected of having studied in Malang.

3. ADC

This hacker is known to be located in Yogyakarta. His move to break into 1,309 websites, including the website of the Supreme Court and Central Java Provincial Government, led to his arrest by the police.

The results of the investigation stated that ADC was involved with several groups in different countries such as America, Britain and Australia. The group is also known to hack websites in those countries.

4. XsvsHacker

In 2011, the XsvsHacker hacker managed to hack the US Police website and break into the database of the NYPD (New York City Police Department) to annoy the FBI.

At that time, XsvsHacker stole important data, which defaced 430 thousand websites in the world and even managed to enter the website of the Israeli presidency.

5. Ibn Aji Azari

Putra Aji Adhari is a middle school student who, at the age of 15, managed to break into the NASA site.

Interestingly enough, he did not study in a private institution to become a hacker. Putra admitted that he could hack because he was self-taught or self-taught.

It also managed to hack hundreds of major websites at home and abroad. Now, the son has chosen to become a bug hunter, the head of technology at a startup, and he has founded his own cybersecurity company.

6. Bio666x

Bio666x is one of the most terrifying Indonesian hackers because he managed to turn off the internet in Malaysia when he was still a teenager.

This hacker named Yogi Nugraha once hacked into Singapore’s military network and was able to obtain important information in Assad’s country.

These are the six most dangerous Indonesian hackers who have completed what they did. Certainly not less than the recently busy Bgorka Pirates. (Suara.com/ Rima Suliastini)

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