5 Tips for Aesthetic and Instagramable Photos with a Smartphone

Do you want to take beautiful pictures using only the mobile phone camera? Yes, follow these tips.

Take pictures with an HP camera. (Pixabay)

hitekno.com – Tips for aesthetic and uninstagramable photos with HP cameras tend to be easy and difficult. Aesthetics is a set of principles that make something beautiful.

Of course, everyone has different beautiful principles. So it is almost impossible for everyone to agree that a particular image is beautiful.

Before discussing tips for photo aesthetics, it is important to have a solid understanding of what makes an aesthetic photo.

Since taste is subjective and everyone finds different images attractive, there is no single definition of aesthetic photography.

It’s actually about how you create moods and evoke feelings using a unique combination of artistic choice, design and personal taste.

In general, when people talk about aesthetics in photography, they are usually talking about the factors that make up the image, color, composition, texture, etc.

To be successful at taking aesthetic and non-instagramable photos, you need to practice a lot of photo references and view them on Instagram or Pinterest.

Here are some aesthetic and uninstagrammable tips with HP cameras that the HiTekno.com team has summarized for you.

1. Choose a concept

Take pictures with an HP camera.  (Pixabay)
Take pictures with an HP camera. (Pixabay)

The first thing you need to do is choose a concept. Deciding on a concept before taking a photo will help you with any setup you may need. You can find out the best for taking aesthetic photos.

2. Use natural light

Take pictures with an HP camera.  (Pixabay)
Take pictures with an HP camera. (Pixabay)

Natural light never fails to provide the aesthetic images we seek. Too much lighting or too much editing will make your photos look bad and not look aesthetically pleasing.

For natural light, it’s best to shoot during the golden hour at sunset or sunrise. Otherwise, you can try to shoot early in the morning around 9 if you want more light.

3. Don’t over-edit

Take pictures with an HP camera.  (Pixabay)
Take pictures with an HP camera. (Pixabay)

There are many mistakes people make when it comes to the editing process. When they see an image that looks too dark, they immediately increase the brightness or contrast and that’s a mistake. Beautiful photos are all about looks and natural composition.

You don’t need to over-edit it. The editing process is still needed to perform touch operations such as color correction or cropping. Also, you don’t need to add any effects to make the photo look aesthetic because it doesn’t work.

4. Get creative with angles

Take pictures with an HP camera.  (Pixabay)
Take pictures with an HP camera. (Pixabay)

As a photographer, angle is key to getting aesthetic photos. You have to be creative in finding the right angle where you can get a different point of view.

Usually, most aesthetic photos are taken from a low angle rather than a high angle. You can try to take the two angles to study the differences and find the comparison.

5. Focus on details

Take pictures with an HP camera.  (Pixabay)
Take pictures with an HP camera. (Pixabay)

The last thing you need to do in taking aesthetic photos is focus on the details. If you are going to take an objective picture, focus on the details of the object.

For the model, you can try to focus on several parts of the body such as the eyes, hands, feet, heels, and much more. Details can indicate the message you want to convey through the image.

These are beauty and instagramable photo tips with HP cameras that you can practice and learn. I hope this information is useful.

Contributor: Pasha Ija Wilkins

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