4 Ways to Maximize Galaxy A33 5G for Gaming

At present, the trend of mobile games is increasing and is in high demand by the people of Indonesia. yes! Not without reason because this activity is an option to fill your spare time. Based on the survey, the number of mobile game players in Indonesia has reached 114 million.

In addition, it is also known that in 2021 there will be an increase in the number of mobile game downloads in Indonesia by 26% over the previous period. However, it is not uncommon for mobile gamers to feel that gaming performance using the smartphone has not been maximized.

This is because there are many disturbances such as lag or notifications appearing in the middle of the game. In addition, other disturbances that mobile gamers feel are game apps that are found infrequently, so that the battery runs out quickly.

By understanding this, Samsung offers solutions for mobile gamers that allow them to enhance their gaming performance with a more exciting experience. Samsung owns the Galaxy A33 5G with a variety of reliable cool features.

“Galaxy A33 5G, which starts at IDR 4 million, is powered by great features. This device allows users to experience mobile gaming with better performance,” said Ilham Indrawan, Senior Director of MX Product Marketing, Samsung Electronics Indonesia.

Here’s how to maximize 4 great gaming features on the Galaxy A33 5G to improve performance in gaming:

Enable Game Launcher to focus on one app

Playing the same game over and over is boring. Therefore, it is not surprising that many mobile gamers have more than one game app on their smartphone. However, sometimes some infrequently located game applications are very difficult to play.

Solution, you need to collect your favorite games in a special folder. So, you can use Game Launcher to make it easier to play your favorite games in one app. Game Launcher can be activated manually with the following steps:

  1. Open the Settings app, then select Advanced features
  2. Select the Game Launcher icon to activate it
  3. Game Launcher icon will turn blue when activated
  4. Games downloaded on Play Store and Galaxy Store will automatically appear on the Game Launcher screen.

Maximize Game Booster features to play Super Speed ​​games

Aside from sluggish performance and slow network connections, there is nothing more annoying when playing games than many distractions like notifications that often appear on the screen from different apps, and it’s not uncommon for a phone to suddenly interfere with focus while pushing the rank.

So that your gaming feeling is faster, Game Launcher app also has Game Booster feature. This feature has various menu options that can be selected according to the user’s needs when playing games, without having to close and stop playing.

With Game Booster, users who want to focus on playing games at maximum performance can choose a performance configuration. Meanwhile, to play games more comfortably and for a longer time, you can choose to configure Battery Saver.

Interestingly, for users who want a more balanced game play, aka balanced between optimum performance while conserving battery power, they can opt for the standard configuration. Here’s how to achieve faster game performance with Game Booster:

  1. Open the Game Launcher app from the app drawer
  2. Click on the icon at the bottom right of the screen
  3. Select Game Booster option
  4. Choose Game Optimization
  5. Choose performance

Take advantage of gaming accessories to manage your gaming performance more flexibly

Not only that, users who want to increase the performance of their games can also add Game Plugins. You can easily download the app and it is available for free on the Galaxy Store.

Interestingly, in this additional game there are many advanced support features that you can find, such as Game Booster Plus. yes! Game Booster Plus allows us to choose our preferred gaming mode, such as:

  1. Max FPS mode that increases FPS and CPU/GPU performance
  2. High Quality Mode provides the best graphics quality
  3. Balance mode that offers a balance between CPU/GPU performance, more stable FPS quality, and still-capable graphics.
  4. Battery saving mode for longer games that save battery power

By activating these features, your gaming experience becomes faster and uninterrupted. Furthermore, the Galaxy A33 5G is powered by a large battery capacity of 5,000mAh. No less interesting, the Galaxy A33 5G is also equipped with fast 25W fast charging.

Use the priority mode feature for a notification-free gaming experience

One of the most common distractions that players feel is mid-game lag. This disorder is caused by several factors, such as Whatsapp chat notifications, emails, chats from Instagram, phone calls or even alerts that pop up suddenly.

To get around these disturbances, users can activate the priority mode feature of the Galaxy A33 5G by:

  1. Open Game Launcher and enable priority mode
  2. Or drag the line on the bottom right on the display in landscape mode before starting the game, then tap the Game Booster icon, activate priority mode

After activating the feature, notifications will be automatically blocked so that users are free of distractions and play games on the Galaxy A33 5G smartphone using a 6.4-inch screen with FHD+ Super AMOLED packaging so that it is more comfortable without any distraction.

So, for players who want to win during a match or win streak, you can try to activate the game support features of the Awesome Galaxy A33 5G. In this way, the gaming experience can be perfect and hassle-free.

The current price of the Galaxy A33 5G

For those of you who are curious about wanting to go straight to the rank with friends, you can instantly grab the Galaxy A33 5G available in online stores and physical outlets at Rp.4799000 (8GB/128GB), Rs. 8 GB). / 256 GB).

The Galaxy A33 5G is available here in Indonesia with the latest great color options in cool black, cool white, cool light blue and cool peach. More information about the Galaxy A33 5G can be found at www.samsung.com/id or news.samsung.com/id.

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