3 Android Cam Baby Apps to Monitor Your Baby

The development of android technology makes it easier for us to do activities, and it turns out that now android is also useful for helping us monitor our children. These 3 baby camera apps are useful to ensure that your baby sleeps peacefully and you don’t have to wake up every hour to check.

In fact, there are currently a lot of baby detectors available in stores, but what if your smartphone could also be used as a baby detector? Apart from saving you time and money, it also makes your phone more useful.

Although this app is not as good as a good kids camera tool, these three apps when used can work fine and no problems. It’s just a slight display of images which are slightly delayed by 2-3 seconds. However, given that smartphones are not specifically used as baby cameras, the official does not think that this is a problem.

Here are 3 Baby Cam Apps on Android to Monitor Your Baby

baby monitor

3 Android Cam Baby Apps to Monitor Your Baby

Baby Monitor is an application that has a simple but useful interface to monitor your baby. The way it works is also easy, just put your smartphone in the nursery with the app activated, and as soon as your baby cries, you will receive a phone call.

This simple app also provides a dedicated feature to adjust the sensitivity level. Benefits This custom feature is useful for setting baby crying, if baby makes small noises then alarm will not work but if baby crying loudly then alarm will be activated.

This app can also take pictures when the baby is crying, but you must provide a place for your smartphone facing the position of your baby’s bed.

Ahgoo baby monitor

3 Android Cam Baby Apps to Monitor Your Baby

This baby monitor app not only allows you to monitor your baby while crying but can also be used to talk to your baby. One of the advantages of this application is that it can connect devices with other operating systems.

So for those who have an old iPhone and use Android, you can use the old iPhone in the nursery as a baby camera. Also how to use this app is very easy, you first connect two devices by scanning the QR code, then the app can be used.

This application is not only useful in monitoring your child, but also useful in playing songs for your child. You simply select the song you want to play through the smartphone you are using for monitoring, then the smartphone used as a baby camera will play the song of your choice automatically.


3 Android Cam Baby Apps to Monitor Your Baby

This app is an app that is not only useful as a baby alarm as this app will make a call when you hear a baby crying. But surprisingly, this app also provides high quality picture display as well as good audio, making it easy for you to babysitting your baby.

It is enough to connect two devices (not necessarily Android companions) to use this app, then you can monitor your child. The interesting thing about this app is that there is Wifi connection and data services which are useful for you in monitoring your child whether you are out of the house.


Those three apps were baby camera android to monitor your child you can use on your smartphone. We hope with this app you will find supervising your child at night easier, and you don’t need to check your child every hour.

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