29 Fun Tech Support Requests and User Errors Won’t Be

(Pocket-lint) Regular people and technology don’t mix. It is also proven by this set of photos of tech-savvy people showing various gadget-related errors.

These pictures show all kinds of inexplicable events that are likely to make you startled, walk away in horror, or just have a good laugh.

this is good

If you’ve had problems with a printer before, it probably pales in comparison to this one as the printer seems to fire up while printing.

This user just typed the ‘that’s good’ meme which has burned nicely afterwards. the video This makes it more interesting.

secure passwords

Passwords are painful for everyone, but you should always have a secure password and avoid making basic mistakes. Otherwise, you are at risk of getting all kinds of headaches.

Alarmingly, this usage is not only called “user1” but also includes a password hint that tells you that the password is the same as the login name. This is doubly worse when you know that the computer belongs to the IT manager.

wasp nest building computer

A customer asked a computer repairman to look at his computer which was apparently making a lot of noise and turning off on its own.

He opened it to investigate that they encountered this wasp’s nest on a CPU cooler. Definitely a potential source of the problem, although we would expect the wasps to have had a nice warm home.

DIY lightweight mice

Gamers love a good, lightweight gaming mouse, and recently there has been a trend for these mice to have holes in them to get rid of the weight.

This guy has taken it upon himself to make holes in his current mouse instead of shelling out extra money for a new mouse. It still seems to work, but it’s terrifying.

cable nightmares

We’ve written before about people who make incredibly cool artwork while sorting servers, power cables, and more.

Now we show the opposite. An absolute mess of cables that would likely make any engineer or technician wince.

Dirt is the enemy

The user has reported that his computer has shut down and then won’t turn on again after that. Then the engineer removed the cooling fan from the radiator and discovered this horrific mess underneath.

Too much dust and dirt that the air cannot pass through the cooler in order to cool the CPU.

the printer does not work

At one company, an IT team was called in to help solve printer problems. They were given this printer and were told it would not print. This is most likely because the paper is still in the bag it came in.

old motherboard

This motherboard is so filthy that it looks like a view of an ancient temple that was discovered in the depths of a large desert that has just been hit by a sandstorm.

We have a feeling the original user was a bit dirty and didn’t clean their computers enough to keep them running well.

USB drive not working

There was a user complaining that his mini USB drive was not working when connected to his laptop.

This is because they plugged it into an ethernet port instead. Yikes.

heating hazards

Yes, this is an overloaded surge protector extension cord. He might not have had much attached to it, but the energy-hungry space heater was enough to melt it. Very dangerous and scary.

internet is down

When engineers were called to deal with reports of an internet outage in Mexico, they were welcomed to see the bullet in the cable. This is a stray bullet or a stray bullet!

Do not close the lid

Sometimes it is not the user that is the problem but the company.

Here an employee has shared a photo of his workplace. Yes, this is a desk-side mounted laptop. They were told not to close the lid or the screen would not work. Why not just put it on the desk and multiple monitors? We’re also concerned about where this laptop’s webcam might be pointing.

Some serious curves

This user installed the NVMe drive in a horrifying way. Instead of using a screw, they used the bracket to mount the drive to the motherboard instead.

This results in a terrible curvature that will likely not result in any favor in the long run. It’s a good joke though.

Wash your computer?

It somehow seems to be. Either you see a computer completely covered in dirt and dust or a device like that.

Some crazy people washed the motherboard as if they were washing crockery after a good meal.

Just a slight burning smell

Many of the most shocking technical problems seem to be related to exploding batteries. In this case, the customer apparently reported noticing a “slight” burning smell when using their laptop. It’s easy to see why.

wide door stop

There are some things wrong with this picture. Not only is someone using an Apple product as a door stop, they also keep the door open, which doesn’t make sense.

This is the reason for our testing

This photo was taken by an electrician while performing some handheld device testing. Yes, this is a screw bit that is inserted into a plug where the fuse should be.

Electronics vs. Liquids

Electronics and liquids do not mix. If you spill a drink on your laptop, it can be a real nightmare. Many advise drying it down and then leaving it in rice hoping for the best. This user tried to put it in the oven to dry it.

It is not a touch screen

We hate it when people put their fingers on our screen when trying to point to some data. This user obviously does this a lot or thinks their Mac is a touchscreen. Either way, that’s a shocking amount of fingerprints.

The PS5 looks disgusting

This PlayStation 5 was bought for repair because some young gamers tried a bit too hard to connect an HDMI cable. God knows what they were doing with it.

Glue gun and motherboard?

This image was used as an advertisement for a hot glue gun on Facebook. Why would you ever need to apply glue to a motherboard like this? To keep the CPU in place?

USB not working

One user connected a USB dongle to a wireless keyboard and then wondered why it wasn’t working.

Failure to peel off the protective plastic can be a problem.

Free laptop

Everyone loves to get something for nothing, but this “free” laptop might not be the deal it seems. After all, its screen and keyboard were destroyed with spray paint. Not perfect.

cable nightmares

This opinion is either a complete nightmare or the promise of something potentially very interesting, depending on your inclinations.

After all, we’ve seen a lot of people make great stylish cable setups out of messy crap before.

stuck in subway doors

An HP laptop user reports that their devices are trapped in subway doors. We’d imagine this is non-refundable regardless of whether it can be used.

ink problems

More printer problems, this time the office staff inserted the printer toner by themselves without the help of IT support. They claimed it was installed the right way, but then this explosion happened.

This is a servant

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from this list, it’s that people don’t read signs.

Apparently this organization thought it was a good idea to run a server on a laptop and then hopefully nobody would be foolish enough to close the lid and send them to sleep. Think again!

new hamster cage

This user has a pet hamster that not only managed to escape from his cage, but also found its way to his computer.

Unfortunately after discovering the adventures of the pets, the owner also found that the computer was no longer working. Not really surprising. Perhaps the little deception was chewing something that he shouldn’t have.

Wrong size? Not a problem

This user bought the wrong size NVMe SSD and was unable to secure it with the correct confrontation. So they improvised using a plastic fork with a screw to secure it.

Written by Adrian Wellings.

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