20 Ways to Get Around Sim Card Unread or Error on Android

20 Ways to Get Around Sim Card Unread or Error on Android – In some cases that often happen on Android smartphones, the sim card is not read, and therefore the signal does not appear and this of course makes us annoyed. But it doesn’t matter if you don’t use a sim card, and only use wifi.

Usually, some people immediately solve this problem by simply replacing the sim card, because they consider that the sim card is damaged. But actually, there are several steps to fix that, before you decide to replace your sim card, other than that, changing sim card can also be problematic (like losing contacts). Here the moderator wants to share 20 ways to beat it sim card not reading or error in android.

20 Ways to Get Around Sim Card Unread or Error on Android

1. Reboot

You can try the initial method to solve the unreadable sim card by restarting the android phone. This easy step is the first and simple step to determine if there is something wrong with the sim card. The trick is to press and hold the power button and select restart.

2. Remove the sim card and battery

Remove sim card and battery on Android device. Wait for 2-5 minutes and then try to connect it again.

3. Make sure the Sim card is installed correctly

Making sure that your sim card is inserted correctly is essential to connect to the network. This may sound simple, but it is important to make sure that your sim card has network access.

4. Use manual network mode

Sometimes automatic networks are the reason why the sim card cannot be read, this is due to changes in the 3G to 4G network in different places. If you’d rather make sure your network doesn’t change, it’s a good idea to activate manual mode, here’s how:

Masuk Setting > Connectivity > Mobile Network > Network Operators Select the network options you want to use.

5. Automatic Ubah network mode switch

Change the network mode settings for WCDMA or GSM mode in the following way

Settings > Connections > More networks > Mobile networks > Network mode

However, the above steps are sometimes different on some versions of Android.

How to Beat an Unread Sim Card

6. Check Sim Card Status

A dirty sim can be the cause of an unreadable signal, especially on the copper (golden) part of the card. If the sim card looks dirty due to holding it by hand, you can try to clean it with a soft cloth.

7. Change Sim

The sim card slots available on Android come in different sizes, from the standard (large) size, and some in the form of a small slot. Usually the sim card should be cut off first, but if there is a cutting error, it is better to replace the sim card.

8. Remove and reinstall the Sim card

By trying to remove and reinstall the sim card, you can also try to read the sim card correctly. Also, before removing the sim card, make sure that your phone is turned off first.

9. Tis Carto Sim

If there are relatives or friends who have Android smartphones and they have the same SIM card slot as your phone. Then try to pair it with your friend’s android smartphone, to determine if the problem of sim card not being read from sim card itself or from your android device.

10. Enable Airplane Mode

You can also solve the sim card issue by trying to activate and deactivate Airplane mode. Normally to activate Airplane mode, you just have to swipe the screen from top to bottom.

11. Clear cache and data on Android

Clearing the cache and data on Android left behind by apps installed on your device can increase the signal.

method :
Settings > Storage > Internal Storage > Cached data

A new window will appear confirming your agreement to clear the cache data. Wait a moment during the process of cleaning up the cached data.

12. Check Sim Card Slot Status

A damaged sim card slot can be the cause of the unreadable sim card, so try to check its status. If you feel it is loose, you can add paper or tissue to press the position of the sim card slot.

13. Where to move

Trying to move places can be a solution to solve unreadable sim card. Sometimes there are some places that are difficult for the network to reach. Such as being in heights or in areas that are not yet reached by network provider operators.

14. Remove problematic third-party apps

Check if an app might be causing the problem on your phone. Sometimes there are third party apps that can interfere with the phone like introducing a virus. So try to scan with an antivirus and if a problem is found, delete the third-party app.

15. Network restart

Try restarting your network in the following way

Settings > Personal > Backup & reset > Reset network settings

20 Ways to Get Around Sim Card Unread or Error on Android

16 Check APN Settings

Each operator usually provides a useful access point to connect to the network. So it is a good idea to try to check the settings of the access point, are they correct.

method :
Settings > Connections > More Network > Mobile Network > Accec Point Name

20 Ways to Get Around Sim Card Unread or Error on Android

17. Android update

Android OS updates can also have an effect so that the sim card can be read. Usually by updating Android, some errors on Android will be resolved.

Settings > System > About device > Download updates manually

Unread sim card

18. Contact customer service

Try to contact customer service (depending on the carrier you are using) and ask if there is a network problem. Sometimes network disturbances can be the reason for not reading the sim card correctly.

19. Factory reset

The last step you should take is to try a factory reset. Before doing this step, it is a good idea to backup the data files on your Android device, as this step will format your phone to factory defaults.

method :
Settings > Personal > Backup and reset > Factory data reset

How to solve unread Sim Card

20. Change your phone

If your phone has been physically damaged or exposed to liquid, there is no other way than to have your phone replaced. Sometimes just getting a little water on the sim card slot can make the sim card unreadable.

That was now 20 ways to solve sim card unreadable or error on AndroidWe hope it was helpful and you can take the steps you need to do to make sure your sim can be read.

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