17 Best Android Music Player Apps 2017

17 Best Android Music Player Apps 2017 – Several online applications that provide music streaming services are available on Google Play Store. But there are some people who do not like to listen to streaming music for various reasons.

So, this time the admin wants to share the best music player app for Android which you can use as a player to collect songs on your device.

Here are the best Android music player apps 2017

1. black player

17 Best Android Music Player Apps 2017

blackplayer It is a simple app that provides an elegant look with an all black theme. Although Blackplayer has a simple appearance, do not think that it does not have many features to improve the quality of music.

Blackplayer provides many features like tie, widgets, tagging, no ads and provides a selection of themes. Overall, this app can be an option for those who like minimalist style.

This app offers two versions, a paid version and a free version. The advantage of the paid version is that it offers additional features to increase the impact on the music you hear.

2. Jet Audio HD

17 Best Android Music Player Apps 2017

Jet Audio HD It is one of the favorite music apps that are used by most of the Android users. Although this app is simple, the features are not. You have a lot of useful features to improve music in this application.

Plus there tie Which is useful for improvement deep voiceAnd the tripleand tag editors and tools. To remove ads in this app, just upgrade to the paid version.

3. MediaMonkey

17 Best Android Music Player Apps 2017

Mediamonkey It is a music player with interesting features. You can easily sort songs by singer or album name. In addition, this application also provides features tie Which is useful for improving the sound of the music you hear.

One of the features of this application is the ability to transfer songs from your computer to your smartphone using a wifi connection, but it is quite difficult.

4. N7Player

17 Best Android Music Player Apps 2017

N7player Try to show the difference from other music player apps. The screen provided is very easy to use, and not complicated either. So it is very easy to play music very fast. Besides, there tie To improve the songs you hear, this app is also associated with Toaster Castwhich allows you to listen to your favorite music on an external device.

5. Neutron Music Player

17 Best Android Music Player Apps 2017

For those of you who want to play music in a professional style, then neutron music player This is useful to you. This application also allows you to play 32-bit or 64-bit music and present your audio in the best quality. This application can also play various audio files such as MP4, MP3, OGG, WMA, AAC, etc. This app can also connect to other external music devices.

6. Phonograph

Best Android Music Player

For those of you who like smooth and smooth appearance, then this app phonograph Suits you. This application is designed with very attractive presentation materials and has a smooth interface, so that it can spoil your eyes. In addition, you can easily change the color in this application according to your taste.

7. PlayerPro Music Player

Android music player app

User-friendly interface with elegant in-app design PlayerPro Music Player. The main feature of this app is to play music with a charming look of artist, album or playlist. There are also audio configs and skins packs in this app.

8. Poweramp Music Player

Best Android Music Player Apps

Moreover, a very popular music player app with a charming interface is Poweramp music player. The available features allow you to play music in different formats like .MP3, .MP4, .WAV, .TTA, .OGG, .ALAC, .APE, .WV, .AIFF, .FLAC. Not only that you can also adjust the effects deep voice And the triple as you want. Other features are also support available gain replay, gap run, Play music from folders and custom visuals.

9. Pulsar Music Player

17 Best Android Music Player Apps 2017

pulsar music player It has an attractive layout view to use and makes it easy for you to browse music by folder, album, genre and artist. In addition, this music player app offers other interesting features that are fully completed, support to connect directly to last.fm, Download artwork Automatically show the themes that can be changed and also Smart playlist.

10. Shuttle Music Player

17 Best Android Music Player Apps 2017

One of my favorite song player apps and it has the most attractive look in playing music. because, Shuttle Music Player It provides a variety of interesting features, such as 6 band equalizer To improve the sound quality Bass, gap playback As well as contact support last.fmAvailable features sleep timer

11. VLC

For those of you who use often VLC On PC, of ​​course you will know that this application is a well known application in terms of playing videos on PC. VLC On Android it is useful for playing songs as well as videos and offers features 5 band equalizer And a wide range of filters. This app can also play music in almost all formats and has a nice look in playing songs.

12. DoubleTwist Music Player

Double Twist Music Player It is a music player app counter current It is on Android. An interesting feature of this app is that you can sync music from your smartphone to your PC or MAC using a USB cable connection. In addition, this application also provides features Cloud Player It is useful for playing music from Dropbox or Google Drive as well.

13. MixZing Music Player

MixZing Music Player It offers you the advantage of playing music either from radio channels or also from your own collection of songs. With this application, you can easily access radio stations to listen to. In addition, there are also graphic tie Which is very interesting and also allows you to search for songs by genre.

14. Rocket player

rocket player To be one of the most impressive music player apps on Android. This app provides a set of themes with up to 30 different theme options. Not only that, there are also features sleep timer as well as support skimming Show lyrics.

15. AIMP

AIMP It is an interesting music player app with features that allow you to play songs in different formats. In addition, this application also provides equalizer 10 bands It also has a simple and easy to use interface and capabilities Audio Multi Chanel.

16. JOOX

16. JOOX

For those of you who may be bored with the collection of songs on your device, JOOX provide music streaming Free. The music streaming feature provided is also not random, you can play music based on a list of other users’ lists as well, and most interestingly, there are no annoying ads if you are already a VIP. In addition, this application can also play songs on other external devices.

17. Laya Music Player

17. Laya Music Player

Laya Music Player It is the best Android music player app with simple and easy to use display style. You can easily search for songs by artist, album as well as songs. In addition, this application also allows you to play songs from different formats, including .AAC, .MP3, .FLAC, .MIDI, etc. For those of you who like effects deep voice Then this app is for you, Basst Boost and 3D Surround features are available.

That was now 17 Best Android Music Player Apps 2017 Which can be an option for you to use. So which one do you want to use?

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