10 Android Video Editing Apps Without Watermarks and Tested

10 Android Video Editing Apps Without Watermarks and Tested Capturing a moment is definitely an important thing at this time, whether in the form of photos or videos. Especially now that it is very easy to create your own recorded videos and upload them to social media or YouTube.

But sometimes the most annoying thing is that there is a watermark on the video we have edited. So, in this article, the official wants to share 10 Android video editing apps without watermark. the following 10 Android Video Editing Apps Without Watermarks.

NB :
All these apps have been tried by the admin one by one and the admin made sure that there is no watermark when the video editing is finished. The testing process is using a Galaxy Note 4 and everything is working normally, but there are some apps that require a large amount of RAM so it is a bit slow.

All of these video editing apps can be downloaded for free on the Google Play Store and can be used to edit videos or create photo slideshows.

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10 Android Video Editing Apps Without Watermarks and Tested


10 Android Video Editing Apps Without Watermarks and Tested

FilmoraGo is one of the best video editing app and also without watermark. When the administrator uses this application, it feels very smooth and easy to operate.

When you open this app, you will be presented the first time to choose the photo or video you want to use. You can also take photos and videos directly from your social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram) to create a fun video.

As for the features, you don’t have to worry. This application provides complete features to you. Like, themes, cropping, title, audio, filter, rotate, transition and more. You can also create a video slideshow with additional music stored on your device.

FilmoraGo generally provides what you need to create professional videos.


without watermark

InShot is a video editing app that has a simple and easy to use interface. Although this app looks simple when you first open it, the features offered are quite complete.

In this app, you will find features like crop, rotate, text, frame, sticker, blur. But the drawback is that this application does not provide the choice of themes and video transitions that are commonly used to create slideshow videos.

As for the watermark issue in this app, admin tried it, and there is still watermark. But to remove the watermark, you can pay or watch the ad by clicking “Remove Watermark for Free”, and after watching the ad, the video editing will not have a watermark.

video shop

video editing app

Although the name of this app is VideoShop, this does not mean that the resulting video contains a watermark. Specifically in this application there is no watermark from the edited video at all and this application also offers a simple and easy to use interface.

The features in this app are also complete, like crop, rotate, text, stickers, etc., you will find them in this app.

However, if you feel that the features of this application are still not available, you can add the features that this application sells to make the video effects look more professional. Each additional feature is sold for $1.


10 Android Video Editing Apps Without Watermarks and Tested

The function of this app is the same as the name Quick, which means fast, and in fact when the admin uses this app, it’s really quick to make a video. But in this app, don’t expect to find different kinds of additional effects.

Because this app is more dedicated to making intro to your video. So for those of you who need a fun and cool video opening design, there is no harm in trying this app. In addition, the results of the video intro do not have a watermark at all.

you cut

10 Android Video Editing Apps Without Watermarks and Tested

Youcut, from the name of this app, it is clear that it is used to cut videos into several parts. For those of you who need video editing, especially to create collage videos that require merging many videos into one video.

So with this app, you can easily create collages videos. You can simply select the video you want to cut and add another video. In addition to that, you can also add songs and filter effects to the video.

This app is suitable for YouTubers who want to combine several videos into one interesting video.

in my material

Vimady is a video app that also does not provide a watermark from your video editing results. Not only that, for those of you who want to make a video slideshow with many effects, this app can be a choice for you to use.

The features provided in this app are also complete. Like, subject, cut, rotate, repeat, filter, text, add songs, etc. All you can find in this application.

In general, for those who want to make simple but still interesting videos, this application can be an option for you.

Video maker

Video Maker is a third-party application that provides free video editing without watermark. For video editing issues, you don’t have to worry, because video maker provides a variety of interesting features to achieve your video editing.

In this app you will find features like crop, rotate, sticker, text, music, effects, filters, themes, etc. Overall, this app offers quite complete features for your video editing needs.

In fact, the app when viewed is almost the same as the Vimady app above, it has a more attractive color screen and there are some additional features.

Adobe Premier Clip

Who does not know Adobe, one of the providers of software on computers that provides the most complete multimedia features and is commonly used by professional video editors.

Unlike the PC version, you won’t find full features on Android like you normally find on the PC version of Adobe Premiere. The features offered in this application are rather simple, but it is enough to make an interesting video slideshow. Video results from this app are also without watermark.

beauty video

10 Android Video Editing Apps Without Watermarks and Tested

Beauty video is a video editing app without watermark with full features. When you open this app for the first time, you will be presented with the option to create a video effect or slideshow.

The features provided in this application are complete and also useful to make your videos look like professional editing. Features like transitions, effects, stickers, time, themes and many more are available in this app.

You can save your video editing results to your device, or you can upload them directly to social media or YouTube.

video editor

10 Android Video Editing Apps Without Watermarks and Tested

Video Editor is this app which is only for video editing. For those of you who want to make a video slideshow, don’t use this app. Because this application does not provide to choose the images you want to use before editing.

However, to meet the needs of the video editing feature of this application, it is quite complete. Like, draw, speed up, slow down videos, stickers, text, filters, music, frames, rotate and cuts that you will find in this app.

After trying to edit videos with this app, there is also no visible watermark, and it can also be shared directly on social media or Youtube.

Some other video editor apps

Cyberlink Powerdirector

This app is really interesting for video editing needs or also for video slideshow. As the available features are complete and very interesting, but unfortunately after the administrator tried it, the results of the video had a watermark. To remove the watermark you have to pay Rs. 68.000

broadcast live

The VivaVideo app also provides a user-friendly interface and is easy to operate. But unfortunately the video editing results have a watermark and to remove the watermark you have to subscribe every month. The price, as per the official, is Rs. 23000/month.


Magisto has a feature to create effect videos automatically. When the administrator uses it, there doesn’t appear to be a watermark, but at the end of the video, this app offers a magisto text.


That was now 10 Android Video Editing Apps Without Watermarks Which you can use to make your videos more interesting and also has many features. All your video editing needs are available in every app, and some are just for cutting videos, or for making video intros.

But it all depends on your creativity in creating videos. If there are shortcomings, please add a video editing application, especially the one without watermark, by commenting below.

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